The Impact of Mumbai Trans Harbour Link on Navi Mumbai Real Estate
May 22, 2024Mumbai Real Estate

The Impact of Mumbai Trans Harbour Link on Navi Mumbai Real Estate

by Godrej Properties Limited



Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL)

Mumbai, a city where dreams find a home and dreams come to life, continues to evolve with its ever-expanding social infrastructure. The latest addition to its skyline is the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL) project. Colloquially called Atal Setu, the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL) was officially titled Atal Bihari Vajpayee Sewri–Nhava Sheva Atal Setu. This 6-lane elevated highway bridge spans a distance of 21.8 kilometres, connecting Mumbai to Navi Mumbai. 

With enhanced connectivity between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, especially in the regions of Sewri, Shivajinagar in Ulwe, and Chir, a boost in overall economic growth, and improved quality of life, MTHL has significantly impacted the real estate market in both Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Considered secondary to Mumbai in terms of real estate, Navi Mumbai has now become a prime destination, attracting significant investment and interest from homebuyers and investors alike.

Advantages of  Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL)

1. Enhanced connectivity: MTHL improves connectivity between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, providing a direct link that reduces travel time between the two regions. This enhanced connectivity improves accessibility for commuters, businesses, and freight movement, facilitating smoother transportation and boosting economic activities. 

2. Economic growth: The improved connectivity directly impacts economic growth by offering a seamless transportation network. This encourages businesses to expand their operations, attracts new industries, and promotes job creation, thereby contributing to the overall economic prosperity of the region.

3. Real estate development: The improved connectivity and proximity to Mumbai make locations such as Sewri, Shivajinagar in Ulwe, Chir, etc., a lucrative proposition for property developers. This leads to the construction of residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects. Not only will residential projects in Navi Mumbai offer improved livability, but they will also have great appreciation value. 

4. Quality of life: MTHL will reduce traffic congestion and travel time, which in turn will significantly impact the overall quality of life for residents. The improved accessibility will allow individuals to spend less time commuting and more time with their family and engaging in recreational or leisure activities. Investing in a property in Navi Mumbai opens doors to a fulfilling lifestyle. 

Residential Projects in Navi Mumbai by Godrej Properties

Here are some of the finest residential projects near MTHL Navi Mumbai that not only promise a good lifestyle but a future of great returns:

Godrej Bayview, Vashi

Close to all the key locations in Mumbai, Godrej Bayview in Vashi is worth consideration. From swimming pool to multipurpose sports courts to creche for your little one, Godrej Bayview offers a comfortable lifestyle with a promise of assured returns in the future. 

Godrej Highlands City, Panvel

Another residential project by Godrej Properties has become a lucrative deal with MTHL. Godrej Highlands City offers a luxurious lifestyle with a number of best-in-class amenities, adding to the convenience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How has the anticipation of the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link influenced property prices in Navi Mumbai?

A: Property buyers and investors can foresee the potential of the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link and all the benefits it brings, thus, a surge in demand for properties in Navi Mumbai. And in turn, this increased demand has influenced the property rates in Navi Mumbai. 

Q: Will the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link impact the rental market in Navi Mumbai?

A: Yes. The seamless connectivity offered by the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link will impact the rental market in Navi Mumbai, which will see an influx of tenants looking for convenient access to employment hubs. 

Q: How will the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link contribute to the overall development and urbanisation of Navi Mumbai?

A: Efficient transportation offered by MTHL will facilitate the seamless movement of people and goods, contributing to economic activity and the development of overall infrastructure. 

Q: Are any specific areas along the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link corridor expected to experience a surge in property prices?

A: Yes. Mumbai Trans Harbour Link has interchanges at Sewri, Shivajinagar in Ulwe, and Chir. The enhanced accessibility and connectivity will cause a surge in property prices in these locations.