May 31, 2023

Why you should buy property along NH 44 | Godrej Properties Kurukshetra

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The longest national highway in India is NH 44, a major north-south route. Every stop on a ride across it gives a unique experience. The highway begins in Srinagar. The NH 44 highway, which travels over 4,112 km (2,555 mi) from Srinagar via Kurukshetra to Kanyakumari, covers the North-South Corridor of the NHDP. The smooth operation of the NH 44 roadway is expertly managed by the Central Public Works Department and the NHDAI.

Significance of buying a property along NH44

The largest national highway in India was created by joining all or a portion of other national highways that were already in operation.

The NH1A in Srinagar, NH1 (which originates in Haryana and Punjab and ends in Delhi), and NH2 (which travels from Delhi to Agra) are the main roads utilised in North India. The NH3 (sometimes referred to as the Agra-Mumbai Highway), NH75 in Jhansi, and NH7 that pass through Nagpur are the southern Indian roads that make up the longest route in India.   

Running Length across the states

Let's now examine the running length of NH 44 in all the states it traverses as well as the length of the greatest highway in India. 

StatesRunning Length in Kilometers 
Jammu and Kashmir 304
Punjab 11
Haryana 184
Uttar Pradesh 189 
Madhya Pradesh 504 
Maharashtra 232
Telangana 504
Andhra Pradesh 250
Karnataka 150
Tamil Nadu 627

Nirmal, Kurnool, Adilabad, Mahabubnagar, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kovilpatti, Dharmapuri, Madurai, Salem, Karur, Tirunelveli, and Kanyakumari are the cities connected by India's largest national highway NH44.

Advantages of living near NH44 in Kurukshetra Growth

The historical city of Kurukshetra is located in the Indian state of Haryana. It is renowned for both its profound religious importance and rich cultural history. The city has become a significant hub for growth over time, and Kurukshetra's real estate sector has experienced consistent expansion. The demand for residential properties is the main factor driving Kurukshetra's real estate market. People from nearby communities have begun to move into the city in large numbers in an effort to establish themselves in a tranquil and serene atmosphere. As a result, demand for housing units—particularly apartments and plots—has significantly increased.

Seamless connections

Since most highways are six- or eight-lane thoroughfares, it is now possible to commute without interruption to remote locations and city centres. Along the nation's main thoroughfares, a strong social infrastructure has also been planned and implemented by various State and Central Government authorities. This would raise the value of real estate while also enhancing the quality of life in burgeoning micro markets.

Cheaper land cost

The cost of land is far less than it is in the city's core regions because there is an abundance of property available along NH44. For the buyers, this results in relatively reduced housing prices. Due to the lack of land in Central Business Districts (CBDs) and core residential areas, the majority of modern large cities are growing using this strategy.

Advantage of township

The size, location and amenities of a residential property can all affect the property's average price in Kurukshetra. Pipli Road, Sector 3, Sector 7, and Sector 13 are the popular areas in Kurukshetra with the most residents. There are several options available in these neighbourhoods, including apartments, standalone homes, and villas.

In Kurukshetra, there is a growing demand for commercial properties in addition to residential ones. Businesses are trying to expand their operations due to the city's growing commercial sector, and Kurukshetra provides several prospects for expansion. Sector 17, Sector 30, and Thanesar are the main commercial real estate markets in Kurukshetra.

Roadways frequently include township projects, where everything is housed under one roof. It opens the door for a fantastic lifestyle to be feasible. Such homes can be bought for reasonable costs because of the profusion of modern gadgets, which decreases the in-line unit cost for the customer. However, due to the massive infrastructure improvements being made to the expressways, including metro developments, it is likely that residential areas along their lengths will see exponential price growth in the next years.

Best Social Infrastructure

The social infrastructure of Kurukshetra also contributes to its expansion. Here are some nearby dining, retail and entertainment options:

Social Joints Options
DinningFusion Restaurant Brothers Barbecue Kurukshetra The Patron inn
HotelsDivine Clarks Inn suites Ambros Hotel & Lounge
ShoppingDivine City Centre Kessel Mall Divine Clarks Mall  
Tourist AttractionSrikrishna Museum Kurukshetra Panorama and Science centre Pipli Mini Zoo Harsh Ka Tila
Entertainment and RecreationCarnival Cinemas Open Air theatre Divine Complex SJ Cinemas

Kurukshetra has one of the the best social infrastructure, which makes life simple for everyone, which explains why property values are on the rise.


Hospitality is of utmost importance, along with entertainment and shopping. You would never have to worry about the health requirements of you and your loved ones with Saraswati Mission Hospital, Ujala Cygnus Super Specialty Hospital, Shri Balaji Arogyam Hospital etc. in and around Kurukshetra.

Now that the urban centres are functioning at capacity, the State governments and builders have begun focusing on the rural districts alongside the roadways to ease the housing strain. As a result, theNH44 stretch in Kurukshetrais now host to fast-expanding sports and real estate destinations. Ideal town layouts should rise along with the streets that cut across the metropolis. Major business developments are also occurring beside expressways and highways thanks to the increase in residential demand. 

To live a high-end lifestyle and generate significant returns, it might be a good time to make investments along NH44 in Kurukshetra.

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