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Why South Facing House is Not Bad in Vastu

by Godrej Properties Limited



Knowing The Value Of Vastu For Home Orientation

Vastu Shastra strongly emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between natural and constructed environments. Vastu principles hold that a home’s orientation profoundly impacts how energy flows. When built according to Vastu principles, a 2 BHK south-facing house might be advantageous despite the widespread misconception that it attracts terrible energy.

Greeting The Sun And Good Energy

A south-facing house gets plenty of sunlight all day. A brightly illuminated home creates a comfortable living space and is believed to be a source of positive energy as per the Vastu Plan. You can strategically place windows and skylights to maximise natural light and ensure optimum ventilation. This enables the inflow of good vibes.

Energy Efficiency And Heat Management

Homes with southern exposure benefit from sunshine during the excellent hours of the day and can help warm the interiors organically. This can be particularly advantageous in colder areas because it lessens the need for artificial heating systems, improving energy efficiency. In addition, a comfortable indoor climate can be maintained using appropriate insulation, shading components, and material selection.

Getting Rich And Prosperous

Vastu principles link wealth and prosperity to the direction of the main entrance. A south-facing entrance plan, as per Vastu, can bring prosperity and wealth to a home’s occupants. The energy flow from the south is thought to increase income prospects. A south-facing vastu plan for your home can foster a prosperous environment by aligning its entrance with other vital spaces.

The Mythology Behind South Direction

The belief that south-facing homes bring bad luck is deeply rooted in mythology. In Vastu Shastra, the south direction is associated with Lord Yama, the God of Death in Hindu mythology. According to ancient tales, Lord Yama's abode is situated in the southern realm of the world. This association with death has led to the misconception that south-facing homes are inauspicious.

However, it's important to note that Vastu Shastra does not categorically label any direction as inherently good or bad. Instead, it emphasises the importance of the relationship between natural and constructed environments and how a home's orientation can influence its energy flow.

South-Facing House Plans as Per Vastu: Tailoring Your Dream Home

When considering a new home, especially a south-facing one, aligning the house plan with Vastu principles is essential. Whether you envision a south-facing house vastu plan 30x40 or a custom south-facing house plan 3D design, you should follow an adequate plan. Adhering to a well-thought-out south-facing house Vastu plan can ensure that your dream home captures abundant sunlight and positive energy and promotes prosperity.

These south-facing house plans consider critical aspects such as the placement of entrances, windows, and key rooms, all in harmony with Vastu Shastra. With the right south-facing house Vastu plan, you can create a home that looks beautiful and fosters well-being and success for you and your family.

Who Flourishes in a South-Facing Home?

Contrary to the superstitions surrounding south-facing homes, many individuals can thrive in such environments. Vastu Shastra is not a one-size-fits-all approach but considers various factors, including an individual's horoscope and name.

People who work in professions that value fame, popularity, and public recognition, such as those in Public Relations, Media, and Films, may find a south-facing home particularly beneficial. That is because the southern direction is considered a high-energy zone that fosters productivity and can aid in achieving ambitious goals.

Additionally, a strong presence of Mars in one's horoscope can align well with the energy of a south-facing home. Individuals with favourable Mars placements may experience happiness and prosperity in such an environment.

The final word

While there are several rules for home orientation provided by Vastu Shastra, it is essential to remember that everyone has different preferences and life situations. Ultimately, a 30x40 south-facing house plan can provide occupants with a pleasant and comfortable living environment with careful design and attention to detail. When properly planned and positioned, a south-facing home can make the most of natural light, encourage energy efficiency, and attract good fortune. Finding a home orientation that supports your personal beliefs and promotes well-being for you and your family is vital.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a house that faces southwest get enough light?

Ans: A southwest-facing house plan can get enough sunlight all day. As the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, a south-facing home has maximum sunlight during the afternoon.  

2. Can I make changes to an existing south-facing house so that it adheres to Vastu principles?

Ans: It is possible to modify existing homes to follow the South facing Vastu plan; consult a Vastu professional, expert, or an architect who can recommend changes in the house.

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