Why is Varisu Certificate Important in Tamil Nadu? Understanding the Significance

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In Tamil Nadu, the Varisu Certificate holds immense importance for property inheritance and succession. This legal document is crucial in determining the rightful heir to a deceased person's assets. Legal heirs, including the deceased's spouse, children, parents, and eligible family members, can apply for a Varisu Certificate to establish their claim to the deceased's assets. Required documents comprise the death certificate, legal heir certificate, identification proof, address proof, and, optionally, a PAN card. 

What is a Varisu Certificate?

A Varisu Certificate is an official document issued by the Tamil Nadu Government that establishes the rightful legal heirs of a deceased person's property. It serves as vital evidence to prove inheritance and is a prerequisite for transferring property ownership to the rightful heirs.

Steps to Apply for a Varisu Certificate Online in Tamil Nadu

Checking Varisu Certificate Status

View the Official Website: Check the official website of the relevant authority.

Navigate to the Status Check Section: Look for a dedicated section or link on the website that allows you to check the status of Varisu Certificates. It could be labelled as "Check Certificate Status".

Enter Required Information: Provide the necessary details, such as the unique certificate number, application reference number, or any other information to identify the specific Varisu Certificate you want to check.

Submit and View Status: Once you've entered the required information, click the "Submit" or "Check Status" button. The system will then process your request and display the current status of the Varisu Certificate.

Take Necessary Action: You can take appropriate action based on the status displayed. If the certificate is approved, you might proceed with further processes.

Documents Required for Varisu Certificate Application

These are the required Varisu Certificate documents:

  • Identity and residence proof of the applicant and other heirs.
  • Death certificate of the deceased property owner.
  • Family tree document showcasing the relationship between the heirs and the deceased.
  • Property documents, if available.

Applying for Varisu Certificate


For Varisu Certificate online in Tamil, applicants can visit the Tamil Nadu Government's Revenue Department website and fill out the required form with accurate details. Ensure to attach all the Varisu Certificate and required documents in the prescribed format.


One can submit Varisu Certificate applications at the Taluk Office or the concerned revenue authority. The applicant must fill out the application form, attach the required documents, and submit them in person.

Conclusion: The Role of Varisu Certificate

Varisu Certificate is an essential legal document for determining property inheritance in Tamil Nadu. When you need Varisu Certificate and apply online or offline, ensuring all necessary documents are in order is vital for a smooth application process. With this, individuals can secure their rightful share in inherited properties and avail themselves of efficient succession planning.


Q: What is the validity of the Varisu Certificate?

A: The Varisu Certificate has no expiry date and remains valid indefinitely.

Q: Can the Varisu Certificate be used for multiple properties?

A: Yes, a single Varisu Certificate can be used for multiple properties inherited by the same heirs from the deceased individual.

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