Jun 27, 2023

What are BBMP Property Tax Charges?

by Godrej Properties Limited



BBMP property tax charges refer to the taxes levied by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), the municipal corporation of Bangalore, India, on properties within its jurisdiction.

The post sheds light on BBMP tax and all-important information around it.

Understanding BBMP Property Tax

Property taxes, in general, are taxes imposed by local governments on property owners. These taxes are levied based on the assessed value of the property and are typically used to fund local services and public infrastructure. Similarly, the BBMP calculates property tax based on the Annual Rental Value (ARV) of the property. ARV is the potential rental income that the property could generate in a year. The BBMP uses a standardized formula to determine the ARV based on factors such as the size, location, and usage of the property.

Property tax rates may differ depending on a number of criteria, like property type (residential, commercial, or industrial), location, and the total built-up area. The BBMP groups properties into zones and sets tax rates for each zone.

The BBMP may levy extra costs in addition to the standard property tax, such as rubbish collection fees, development charges, and improvement charges, among others. The BBMP establishes specified criteria for calculating these costs.

It is essential to remember that costs of property tax in Bangalore are subject to modifications and updates by the BBMP, and thus it is best to consult the official website of BBMP or contact the local BBMP office for the most current and up-to-date information on property tax charges for the specific property.

BBMP Tax Payment Options

BBMP offers various convenient tax payment options to property owners in Bangalore. One method is online payment through the official BBMP website, where property owners can register and pay their taxes securely using Internet banking or debit/credit cards. Another option is visiting the designated BBMP offices and paying in person through cash, cheque, or demand draft. Additionally, BBMP has tie-ups with selected banks where property owners can pay their taxes at designated branches. Some banks also provide the service of BBMP online tax payment through their internet banking platforms. It is advisable to check the BBMP website or contact the local BBMP office for detailed information on available payment options and procedures.

Benefits of Paying BBMP Property Tax Online

Paying BBMP tax online offers numerous benefits to property owners in Bangalore. Firstly, it provides convenience and saves time as property owners can pay their taxes from the comfort of their homes or offices, eliminating the need for physical visits to BBMP offices. Online payment also ensures security and transparency, with encrypted transactions and instant confirmation of payment. It enables easy access to payment history and receipts for future reference. Moreover, online payment allows for timely payments, avoiding penalties or late fees. Lastly, it contributes to the digitization and efficiency of tax collection processes, benefiting both property owners and the BBMP.

BBMP Property Tax Receipt and Taxpayer Verification

BBMP Property Tax Receipt and Taxpayer Verification are essential aspects of the property tax process in Bangalore. When property owners pay their taxes, they receive a BBMP tax receipt as proof of payment. This receipt serves as an important document for record-keeping and can be used for future references or audits. 

Furthermore, BBMP offers a taxpayer verification mechanism, allowing property owners to confirm the validity of their tax payments. By verifying their taxpayer status, property owners can confirm that their taxes have been correctly credited and avoid any discrepancies or misunderstandings. This verification process adds transparency and accountability to the property tax system, ensuring a smooth and reliable tax payment process for all stakeholders involved. 

BBMP Property Tax Updates and Deadlines

It is critical for Bangalore property owners to stay up to date with BBMP Property Tax revisions and deadlines. BBMP offers updates on tax rates, evaluation requirements, and payment methods on a regular basis. It is critical to keep up with these developments in order to ensure correct tax estimates and timely payments. The BBMP establishes deadlines for Bangalore property tax payment, and failure to meet these deadlines might result in penalties and other expenses.

The BBMP property tax 2022-23 due date is June 30, 2023. By staying vigilant and aware of the BBMP Property Tax updates and deadlines, property owners can avoid any potential complications, stay compliant with the regulations, and ensure a smooth and hassle-free tax payment process.



1. What is the official website to pay the BBMP property tax online?

www.bbmp.gov.in is the official website for paying BBMP property tax online. Property owners can use this website to utilise the online payment system and securely pay their property taxes.

2. What should I pay for BBMP property tax if they demolish my building?

If the BBMP demolishes your building, you should contact them immediately or visit their official website to learn about the special guidelines and processes for property tax payments in such cases. Given the conditions, they will provide complete details on the amount to be paid.

3. How to avoid the penalty for BBMP property tax?

To avoid a penalty, it is critical to pay the tax by the deadline. Keep track of tax deadlines and make timely payments. To prevent missing critical deadlines and incurring penalties, check the official website of BBMP or contact their office on a regular basis for updates or adjustments.

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