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Vastu Tips For Main Doors: Inviting Positive Energy Into Your Home

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Increase Positivity With Vastu-Inspired Main Entrance

The main entrance of a house holds significant importance in Vastu Shastra, as it is considered the gateway for positive energy to enter the home. Here are some Vastu Shastra tips for inviting positive energy through the main door of your home. The main door should ideally face east or north, as these directions are associated with positive energy flow. Conversely, avoid having the main entrance facing south, as it is believed to bring in negative energy.

Vastu Tips For Main Doors

Main Door Vastu Direction

The main door's Vastu direction plays a crucial role in harmonising the energy flow within a home. Ideally, the main door should face north, northeast, east, or west. These directions are considered auspicious as they invite positive energy. Conversely, avoid positioning the main door in the south, southwest, northwest (north side), or southeast (east side) directions, as these are believed to bring negative energy. Correcting a door's direction can be achieved through specific Vastu remedies, such as using lead, brass, or copper elements, depending on the direction.

Main Door Opening Direction

The opening direction of the main entrance door is vital in Vastu. It is recommended that the main door always opens in a clockwise direction. Additionally, the entrance should face north, northeast, east, or west to promote prosperity and positivity. Doors opening in an anticlockwise direction are considered a Vastu defect and should be corrected.

Main Entrance Vastu Guide

Here are a few vastu tips for a happy home:

1. Cleanliness and Clutter-Free

Keep the area around the main door clean and clutter-free. Remove any obstructions or objects that block the entrance. This allows positive energy to flow into your home quickly.

2. Well-Lit Entrance 

Ensure the entrance area is well-lit, using natural light or adequate artificial lighting. Brightly lit entrances attract positive energy and create a welcoming ambience.

3. Decorative Elements

Adorn the main door with auspicious symbols and decorations. You can hang a toran (traditional door hanging) made of fresh flowers, mango leaves, or auspicious symbols like the Swastika. This brings positive vibrations to the entrance.

4. Door Colour

Choose the colour of the main door wisely. According to Vastu, green, blue, and white colours are considered auspicious. On the other hand, avoid dark and dull colours, as they are believed to repel positive energy.

5. Door Size And Shape

The main door should be larger than the other doors in the house. It symbolises the grandeur and prosperity of the home. Avoid irregular or odd-shaped doors, as they can disrupt energy flow.


Position the doorbell at five feet or above, with a soothing and soft sound to enhance positive energy.

7.For Wealth and Prosperity

Place a glass pot filled with water and flower petals near the entrance to maintain positive energy. Stick Lakshmi feet stickers for good luck. Main door decorations can include green plants, torans, hanging bells, and rangoli designs.

8. Threshold Placement 

Place a threshold (wooden or metal strip) at the bottom of the main door. This prevents energy from seeping out and helps maintain a positive energy flow within the house.

9.Corner Placement

Do not place the main door in a corner of the house. Leave corners empty for the well-being of the inhabitants. Avoid an abandoned or dilapidated building facing the main entrance.

10. No Broken Or Noisy Door

Ensure the main door is in good condition, without any cracks or damages. A broken door symbolises obstacles and negative energy. Also, fix any creaking or noisy hinges, as they are believed to disturb positive energy.

11. Avoid Mirrors and Reflections 

It is not advisable to have a mirror or any reflective surface directly facing the main door. Mirrors can bounce back the positive energy, causing it to dissipate. If you have a mirror nearby, ensure it does not directly reflect the main door.

12.Nameplate and Vastu

Place a nameplate on the left side of the main door, using metal for north or west-facing doors and wood for south or east-facing doors. Design it with auspicious symbols or images of deities.

13. Welcome Signage 

Consider placing a positive and welcoming signage or doormat near the entrance. Words like "Welcome" or "Good Vibes Only" can create a positive atmosphere and invite positive energy.

The final word

Remember, while Vastu Shastra provides guidelines to create a positive and harmonious environment, focusing on overall cleanliness, organisation, and a positive mindset is essential to invite positive energy into your home. The entrance is the main!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which direction should the main door face? 

Ans:  East or north is ideal for positive energy.

2. Should the main door be well-lit?

Ans: Yes, ample natural and artificial light promotes positive energy.

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