Jun 21, 2023

MahaRERA: Understanding Regulatory Framework

by Godrej Properties Limited



MahaRERA, also known as the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority, serves as the central organisation responsible for overseeing, advancing, and officially enlisting real estate ventures within the boundaries of Maharashtra. 

About Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority

Following the enactment of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act of 2016, the Government of Maharashtra established the MahaRERA authority in March 2017. MahaRERA, or Rera Maharashtra, serves as the central authority which is responsible for registering residential as well as commercial projects that measure 500 square metres or more in Maharashtra.

Today, we are going to learn what MahaRERA is, its functions, benefits, and other details. 

Key Responsibilities and Functions

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act of 2016 was enacted to ensure that the real estate industry is run fairly and legally. Real Estate Regulatory Authorities were established throughout the country to do this. In Maharashtra, MahaRERA was established with similar purposes.

  • MahaRERA works to make the Maharashtra real estate sector more transparent, efficient, and competitive. It seeks to safeguard the interests of homebuyers, real estate promoters, and brokers throughout the state.
  • MahaRERA has a structure in place to handle and resolve disputes and complaints linked to registered real estate developments in Maharashtra as promptly as possible.
  • One of its primary functions is to check and monitor the information provided by real estate promoters about their projects. It also aids in the registration of new real estate developments and ensures the registration of real estate agents in Maharashtra.
  • MahaRERA actively listens to and resolves homeowner and real estate developer issues.
  • Furthermore, MahaRERA makes comments and recommendations to the government on issues pertaining to the growth and development of the Maharashtra real estate sector.

Real Estate Project Registration

Step 1: Visit the MahaRERA website's official login page - https://maharera.mahaonline.gov.in and log in.

Step 2: On the home page, click on the 'Online Application' tab. 

Step 3: You will now be redirected to the Maharashtra RERA website

Step 4: Here, select 'new registration'. After this, a form will appear, which you need to fill out. 

Note: For new users, enter details like user type, state, username, password, mobile number, and email address. Once your new profile has been created, you can log in to your account (MahaRERA login).

After logging in to MahaRERA (MahaRERA login), you will be prompted to fill in comprehensive details about the project and the promoter. You will also be asked to submit property documents and other certificates online. This process allows you to successfully execute the MahaRERA registration process of a real estate project. 

Where To Find Maharera Project Details?

Here's a step-by-step guide to can carry out a MahaRERA project search on the MahaRERA website:

Step 1: Log in to the official website of MahaRERA online

Step 2: Look for the 'Registration' option and choose 'Registered Projects' from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: A window will open, where you will need to provide certain details such as the user type, project name, and agent registration MahaRERA no.

Step 4: Click on the search button, and the information about the registered RERA Maharashtra project search will be displayed on the screen.

If you prefer to search for registered MahaRERA project details by district, you can use the advanced search option. This is how to check RERA-registered projects in Mumbai.



Frequently asked questions

1. What are the benefits of MahaRERA?

Ans: MahaRERA offers multiple benefits to the real estate sector. It ensures the registration of projects and agents, promoting transparency in property transactions. It protects the interests of customers, agents, and promoters involved in real estate deals. MahaRERA facilitates dispute resolution and provides recommendations for the development and promotion of real estate to the government authorities. 

2. What are the key responsibilities of MahaRERA?

Ans: MahaRERA takes on the responsibilities of registering and overseeing projects and agents, guaranteeing adherence to regulations. It fosters transparency in property transactions, shielding the rights of buyers, agents, and promoters. MahaRERA actively resolves conflicts through a just settlement process and establishes a specialised tribunal to address buyer grievances. Additionally, it offers valuable recommendations to the government for advancing and promoting the real estate sector.

3. What is the difference between RERA and MahaRERA?

Ans: RERA is the national regulatory body for the real estate sector in India, while MahaRERA is the branch that operates specifically in the state of Maharashtra.

4. Who is applicable to MahaRERA?

Ans: MahaRERA is applicable to various stakeholders involved in the real estate sector in the state of Maharashtra.

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