Understanding Home Buyers' Sentiments on The Residential Property Market
Mar 14, 2024Investments

Understanding Home Buyers' Sentiments on The Residential Property Market

by Godrej Properties Limited



The sentiments of the homebuyers are an imperative indicator of the real estate market's health. Whether they are optimistic or cautious will not only influence the property prices and market activity but will also help define the market's general characteristics. Fortunately, as of now, homebuyers in India remain optimistic and this has spurred a favourable economic outlook in the property market of the country. Today, we are going to delve into the sentimental as well as financial aspects that influence the overall real estate housing market: 

Factors Supporting Optimistic Outlook

Here are a few factors that support the optimistic outlook of consumers in the real estate housing market: 

Regulatory Reforms and Consumer Confidence: The implementation of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA) and other regulatory interventions have instilled confidence in buyers and encouraged house buying. The assurance of transparent and accountable practices within the real estate industry has reduced scepticism among consumers. Developers adhering to timelines and delivering quality projects on schedule contribute to an improved perception of the sector, fostering trust and credibility.

Revival of Delayed Projects: Efforts by the government to revive delayed projects demonstrate a commitment to addressing industry challenges. This not only aids developers in completing stalled constructions but also prevents potential setbacks for homebuyers. The revival of these projects adds to the overall positive sentiment in the market, signalling stability and resilience in the real estate sector.

Diverse Demand Drivers: The renewed housing demand in India is not solely driven by investors; end users' aspirations to own a home play a crucial role. The market caters to a diverse range of consumers, reflecting a more balanced and sustainable growth pattern, resulting in increased home sales. Such demand, coupled with the various supporting factors mentioned, contributes significantly to the optimistic outlook for the Indian real estate market in the coming years.

Economic Factors Impacting Buyer Confidence

If you have been following real estate news, you would know that the Indian government's proactive approach post-pandemic, including concessions and benefits such as the Maharashtra government's 50% premium waiver and stamp duty exemptions in states like West Bengal and Karnataka, has significantly stimulated demand in the housing sector. These measures not only alleviate financial burdens on developers but also encourage them to buy homes for consumers by making real estate transactions more affordable.

Home Buyers Sentiment Survey Report 2023

According to a recent survey conducted by a leading real estate website, the majority of consumers – 77 per cent, expressed optimism and confidence about the economic scenario in the coming six months. On the other hand, the remaining 33 per cent, believed it would not only remain positive but would also improve.

Housing Sentiment Index

The Housing Sentiment Index reflects a positive outlook among Indian homebuyers, influenced by favourable economic conditions. The Reserve Bank of India's consumer confidence survey aligns with this positivity. Economic indicators, including the Purchasing Managers' Index and various consumption metrics, signal robust economic activity. While sentiment levels have slightly moderated from post-pandemic highs, the overall optimism bodes well for the real estate sector. The confident outlook of homebuyers may contribute to sustained growth in the Indian real estate market.

We hope this information will help you gauge home buyers’ sentiments and assist you in predicting the real estate market performance in the coming year and thus make some prudent investment decisions. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What factors are taken into consideration while analysing a property's value or performing a market analysis?

Answer: Property value analysis, recognizing the property value importance, considers various factors such as location, size, amenities, condition, comparable sales, local market trends, and economic indicators. These elements collectively help assess the property's worth and potential for appreciation.

2. How do you Analyse the real estate market?

Answer: Real estate market analysis involves examining supply and demand dynamics, economic indicators, population trends, interest rates, and regulatory factors. By evaluating these elements, analysts can gauge market trends, identify investment opportunities, and make informed predictions about property values and future market behaviour.