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Top Family Oriented Residential Areas in Faridabad

by Godrej Properties Limited



One of the fastest expanding Indian cities, Faridabad, is a part of the government of India's smart city initiative. Due to its proximity to Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Gurgaon, the city has developed into Haryana's principal commercial and residential centre. The article lists a few Best Residential Areas in Faridabad that offer all the conveniences needed for comfortable family living. 

Best Residential Areas to Live with Family in Faridabad

Sector 21C - A Harmony of Convenience and Nature

Sector 21C is a meticulously planned residential area in Faridabad, boasting excellent connectivity to the city centre and beyond. A blend of residential and commercial properties offers the perfect balance for families seeking accessibility to various amenities.

Greenfield Colony - Embrace Serenity and Comfort

For families yearning for a peaceful retreat amidst the urban hustle, Greenfield Colony emerges as an ideal choice. This sought-after residential area in Faridabad promises tranquillity and a calm environment. 

Sector 14 - Modern Living at Its Finest

Sector 14 showcases a contemporary residential area with excellent infrastructure and amenities. Its strategic location ensures easy access to key areas within Faridabad. 

Sector 15 - Where Convenience Meets Modernity

Sector 15 boasts a well-organised residential area with top-notch amenities and infrastructure. Its strategic location offers seamless connectivity to various parts of Faridabad. 

Sector 46 - A Vibrant and Connected Community

Families seeking a vibrant community and modern amenities will find Sector 46 a fitting choice. This popular residential area in Faridabad ensures excellent connectivity to key locations. 

Sector 55 - The Epitome of Modern Living

Sector 55 personifies modern living at its best. With a well-planned layout and top-tier amenities, this residential area caters to the needs of a contemporary family. 

Charmwood Village - Luxury and Comfort Combined

For those craving a luxurious lifestyle, Charmwood Village presents an appealing gated community in Faridabad. It offers a premium standard of living with top-notch amenities, perfect for families seeking an elevated lifestyle. 

Sector 10 - A Blend of Modernity and Nature

Sector 10 strikes a perfect balance between modernity and green spaces. This well-organised residential area provides easy access to contemporary facilities for families. 

Sector 83

Sector - 83 is located in the eastern part of Faridabad city and offers many options when choosing schools. There is a good mix of independent houses and multi-storey apartments. The nearest train stations to the city are also approx. 8 km-10 km away.

Surajkund - Embrace Culture and Serenity

Surajkund offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and tranquillity. Families seeking a peaceful escape from the city's chaos will find solace here. 

Residential Areas in Faridabad: Making the Right Choice

With these carefully selected residential areas, Faridabad presents many options for families to create their dream homes. Take your pick from these wonderful residential areas and embark on a new chapter of blissful family living in Faridabad.

Frequently asked questions

1: Are these residential areas safe for families in Faridabad?

Answer: These residential areas in Faridabad are known for their safety and security, making them ideal choices for families.

2: Do these localities have good schools and hospitals nearby?

Answer: Absolutely! Each of these residential areas is equipped with reputed schools and hospitals to cater to the needs of families.

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