Top Floor Apartments: Benefits and Disadvantages

by Godrej Properties Limited



Highlighting the benefits and disadvantages of getting a floor on top floor is important for making an informed decision. It is a long term investment and must be evaluated carefully. This article will explain advantages and disadvantages that come with living in a top floor apartment.  

Advantages of Top Floor Apartments

  • Breathtaking Views: Having a flat on the top floor is the unparalleled scenic views they offer. This view can range from the sight of the city skyline or natural landscapes from an elevated position.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Living on the topmost floor ensures reduced noise and increased privacy, shielding occupants from the disturbances of foot traffic and neighbouring units.
  • Abundance of Natural Light: With unobstructed access to sunlight, the top floor apartment is generally brighter and cheerier, creating a more welcoming and lively ambiance.
  • Exclusive Amenities: In multiple cases, top floor flats come with the package of certain amenities like rooftop gardens, private terraces, and recreational facilities.

Disadvantages of Top Floor Apartments

The two common top floor apartment disadvantages are:

  • Sweltering Summers: While ample sunlight can be advantageous during winters, it may lead to discomfort during summers. You can expect top floor apartment hot in summer as they tend to become hotter due to their exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Higher Costs: Why are top floor apartment more expensive? Well, they are often priced at a premium due to scenic views and additional amenities. It can be way out of budgetary allowances for a lot of Indian families.

Top Floor Apartments: Worth the Extra Investment?

The appeal of top floor apartments is in the stunning views they offer, as well as the privacy and exclusivity they provide. However, prospective buyers need to consider these advantages in light of the drawbacks, like the higher costs and temperature considerations.

Settling on the top-most floor of an apartment building is an independent and personal decision that a person makes. It depends on the priorities and preferences of any individual. Those seeking tranquillity, stunning vistas, and an exclusive living experience may find the investment worthwhile. Conversely, budget-conscious buyers or individuals sensitive to heat may prefer lower floors.

Conclusion: Finding the Silver Lining

While the mesmerising views, enhanced privacy, and abundance of natural light are enticing, potential buyers should also consider the potential challenges, such as higher costs and temperature concerns. In the end, the investment in the top floor  should be in consonance with the buyer’s choices. The type  of lifestyle also matters. A thorough evaluation of the pros and cons will help ensure a well-informed and satisfactory investment decision.


Q: Are top floor apartments more expensive than lower-floor units?

A: Yes, top floor apartments usually command higher prices due to their panoramic views and exclusive amenities.

Q: Do top floor apartments get hot during summers?

A: Yes, top floor apartments may become warmer during summers due to their exposure to direct sunlight.

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