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Top 10 Posh Areas in Kurukshetra: Best Residential Areas for Family Living

by Godrej Properties Limited



Looking to reside in the lap of luxury in Kurukshetra? This article will explore the top 10 posh areas in Kurukshetra where luxury meets comfort. Whether you are a homebuyer looking for your dream abode or an investor seeking lucrative opportunities, these localities will captivate your interest. 


Pehowa, located in Kurukshetra, offers a unique mix of traditional charm and modernity. With an average price of 92.00/sqft, this locality showcases beautiful residences designed to provide a luxurious lifestyle.


Shahbad is a coveted posh area in Kurukshetra, with an average price of 237.00/sqft. Immerse yourself in the serene surroundings and revel in the upscale living experience Shahbad has to offer.


Pipli is synonymous with elegance and convenience, featuring an average price of 983.00/sqft. This posh locality provides an array of upscale residences, ensuring its residents' comfortable and lavish lifestyle. 


Thanesar stands out as one of the top posh areas in Kurukshetra, with an average price of 196.00/sqft. This upscale neighbourhood is home to abundant properties that redefine luxury living. 


Ladwa exudes luxury with an average price of 288.00/sqft. This posh area offers an exceptional living experience with its upscale properties and state-of-the-art facilities. 

Sector 29

Sector 29 is a true gem among Kurukshetra's posh localities, with an average price of 14,975/sqft—experience grand living in this premium area, where plush residences and a vibrant lifestyle converge seamlessly.

GT Road

GT Road boasts an average price of 436.00/sqft, making it ideal for luxury living. This posh locality in Kurukshetra offers a range of upscale properties, ensuring a lavish lifestyle for its residents.

Sector 4

Sector 4, with an average price of 6,006/sqft, stands out as a class apart in Kurukshetra's posh localities. Experience unparalleled luxury in this exclusive neighbourhood of Kurukshetra, where every corner exudes sophistication.


Sector-32 boasts an average price of 3,924/sq ft, making it a desirable destination for luxury residences. With many opulent properties, this posh locality in Kurukshetra promises a life of comfort and extravagance.

Sec - 8

Sec - 8 offers a serene retreat for the affluent, with an average price of 5,065/sqft. Embrace tranquillity and luxury in this posh locality, where every day feels like a vacation.

Conclusion: Luxury Living at its Finest in Kurukshetra

Posh areas in Kurukshetra offer a unique blend of elegance, convenience, and modernity, catering to the discerning tastes of the elite. Embrace a life of luxury in these upscale neighbourhoods as you experience the epitome of posh living in the heart of this historic city.


Frequently asked questions

Q1: What are the key factors to consider while choosing a posh locality in Kurukshetra? 

A1: Select upscale areas based on amenities, prices, proximity, and reputation.

Q2: Are these posh areas suitable for investment?

A2: These posh areas in Kurukshetra can be excellent investment choices due to their high demand and potential for appreciation in property value.

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