Jun 09, 2023Mumbai Real Estate

The Most Significant Launch in Dadar - Wadala, FY-23

by Godrej Properties Limited



Godrej Horizon


The recent launch of Dadar-Wadala’s remarkable project has set new benchmarks for success, capturing the attention of both investors and the public alike for FY-23. With an astounding revenue of Rs.1000 crores, this venture has become synonymous with excellence within the real estate sector. Let's dive deep into the key factors that contributed to this phenomenal achievement.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

At the core of this project's triumph lies its exceptional USP, which has captivated the Dadar-Wadala market. Offering an unrivaled combination of luxury, connectivity, and functionality, Godrej Horizon sets itself apart from its competitors. It has played a pivotal role in captivating discerning customers from diverse backgrounds and guarantees its unparalleled triumph in FY-23.

Mesmerizing Location and its Views:

Located in a prime area with excellent connectivity, including Eastern Express Highway, Eastern Freeway, and Wadala Monorail. It also offers panoramic vistas of Mumbai's iconic Eastern Bay View and City View. These awe-inspiring views will not only enhance the residents' living experience but also elevate the project's desirability and market value.

Private Deck for Every Unit:

A distinguishing feature of this project is the provision of a private deck for each unit. This exclusive amenity offers its residents the luxury of enjoying their own outdoor space, complete with 180-degree panoramic views, and a serene ambiance. The inclusion of private decks has proven to be a significant selling point, contributing to the project's unparalleled desirability.

Signature Tower:

The signature tower stands out with its distinctive design and state-of-the-art amenities, including an infinity edge pool, pool deck, yoga deck, and more. It has become an iconic symbol of luxury and connected living in Mumbai, attracting high-profile customers and receiving widespread admiration as an architectural masterpiece.

Successful Launch of Fiscal Year-23:

Since its introduction in FY-23, the project has been consistently successful. The developers conducted a thorough market analysis to strategically choose a period marked by favorable economic conditions, heightened buyer confidence, and a thriving real estate market. The project's triumphant launch in this fiscal year established a strong groundwork for future milestones and achievements.


The launch of Mumbai's remarkable project has undeniably set new standards for success in the Dadar Wadala real estate sector. With its staggering milestone of Rs1000 + crores, unique selling proposition, captivating location views, provision of private decks, and iconic signature tower, this development has become synonymous with excellence and luxury. This project stands as a testament to the vision, innovation, and dedication of its developers, partners, and sales team, leaving an indelible mark on Mumbai's skyline and setting a benchmark for future projects.

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