The Choice Of Bedroom Colours Can Significantly Influence Love And Relationships, As Per Vastu Shastra

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Bedroom Colours for Love Between Couples

According to Vastu Shastra, choosing the right colours for your bedroom can positively impact love and relationships. Soft and soothing colours like light pink, peach, lavender, and light blue are recommended, while bright and bold colours should be avoided. Earthy tones and couple-friendly colours can also enhance the bond between partners. 

Some Insights On Bedroom Colours to Enhance Love And Relationships, Based On Vastu Principles

1. Soft And Soothing Colours

Choose soft and soothing colours for your bedroom walls, such as light shades of pink, peach, lavender, or light blue. These colours create a calm and harmonious atmosphere conducive to nurturing love and relationships.

2. Avoid Bright And Bold Colours

Avoiding bright and bold colours like red, bright orange, or deep shades of yellow in the bedroom is generally recommended. These colours can be too stimulating and create an atmosphere of restlessness or aggression, negatively impacting relationships.

3. Good lighting

Besides colours, lighting is crucial in creating the right ambience. Ensure the bedroom has soft and soothing lighting, with dimmers to control the intensity. Soft lighting can help create a romantic atmosphere.

4. Earthy Tones

Earthy tones like beige, light brown, or shades of green can create a grounding and balanced energy in the bedroom. These colours are associated with stability, growth, and harmony, which can support healthy relationships.

5. Use Couple-Friendly Colours

Consider using colours suitable for both genders to enhance the bond between partners. Neutral colours like cream, light grey, or pastel shades can create a sense of equality and harmony between partners.

6. Personal Preferences

While Vastu provides guidelines, it is also essential to consider personal preferences and individual energy. If you and your partner have specific colours that you find soothing, calming and pleasant, you can incorporate those in the bedroom. The most important aspect is to create a comfortable and inviting space for both of you.

In Conclusion 

Remember that colours are just one aspect of Vastu Shastra, and it is essential to consider other Vastu principles, such as the placement of furniture, lighting, and overall cleanliness and organisation of the bedroom. In addition, creating a peaceful and harmonious environment in your bedroom can positively influence your love and relationships.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can personal preferences override Vastu’s recommendations for bedroom colours?

Ans: While Vastu provides guidelines and rules, personal preferences and individual energy are also essential factors to consider. If you and your partner have specific colours that you find soothing and pleasant, you can incorporate those in the bedroom to create a comfortable and inviting space.

2. Are bedroom colours the only consideration for enhancing love and relationships according to Vastu principles?

Ans: No, bedroom colours are just one aspect of Vastu Shastra. Other factors, such as furniture placement, lighting, overall cleanliness, and bedroom organisation, also play a significant role in creating a harmonious environment that enhances love and relationships.

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