Aug 24, 2023

How to Obtain Encumbrance Certificate in Kerala: Follow These Steps

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An encumbrance certificate in Kerala is a legal document that confirms property ownership and any existing financial liabilities like mortgages or legal claims. It is essential for property transactions to ensure the property has a clear title. This certificate is obtained from the local sub-registrar office and is crucial for property buyers and sellers in Kerala.

Unlock the hassle-free way to obtain an Encumbrance Certificate (EC) in Kerala! Whether you need it for a property loan, ownership transfer, or other purposes, the Kerala Registry Department's online portal offers a seamless process. Discover the convenience of applying for an encumbrance certificate in Kerala with just a few clicks and ensure a smooth property transaction. 

Details on Encumbrance Certificate Kerala

An encumbrance certificate in Kerala contains vital information related to the property. It aids in figuring out whether there is a loan or mortgage on the property. The residents of Kerala are permitted to receive this certificate both offline and online. 

When you obtain an encumbrance certificate, you'll get access to the following details:

  • Name of the property owner
  • Property-related specifics
  • Complete property description as recorded on the sales deed
  • Chronological list of property transactions
  • Mortgage details for properties purchased through loans
  • Gift deed information, if applicable
  • Details of the release deed for mutually bought properties

Steps to Follow to Apply for an Online Encumbrance Certificate in Kerala

Obtaining an online Encumbrance Certificate in Kerala is a simple process; follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit
  • Step 2: Click the 'Certificates' tab and choose the 'Application for Encumbrance Certificate' option.
  • Step 3: Fill out the application form, and give your basic details, property-related information, and required documents.
  • Step 4: Calculate the fee amount and submit the application form after reviewing the declaration.
  • Step 5: Print the acknowledgment for future reference.

How Long It Takes to Obtain an Online Encumbrance Certificate in Kerala

Usually, it takes up to ten business days to receive your online encumbrance certificate in Kerala. Ensure accuracy while filling out the application to ensure timely responses due to correct information. The fee is Rs. 10 per extra sheet over the first two sheets used to obtain an EC in Kerala. 

Conclusion: Embrace the Power of Online Encumbrance Certificates in Kerala

The online process for obtaining an Encumbrance Certificate in Kerala is efficient and time-saving. The fee is non-refundable, so ensure accurate details when applying. Remember that the default language of the certificate is Malayalam, but you can request an English version on the official website. Embrace the convenience of digitized property services in Kerala and easily streamline your property-related transactions.


Q: Can I get an encumbrance certificate online in Kerala?

A: Yes, you can obtain an online encumbrance certificate in Kerala through the official website of the Kerala Stamps and Registration Department.

Q: Do I need to pay any fee to get an encumbrance certificate in Kerala?

A: A fee is required to obtain an online encumbrance certificate in Kerala. One can calculate the exact amount during the application process on the portal.

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