Jul 18, 2023

Staying Connected to the Green Neighbourhoods of Bangalore

by Godrej Properties Limited



Bangalore is known as the “Garden City” due to its beautiful green canopy of trees, open-air parks, and spacious highways. Because of its elevation of over 3000 feet (900 metres) above sea level, Bangalore has a temperate climate year-round with distinct wet and dry seasons.

Despite some claims that the city has been losing its charm due to rapid urbanisation, Bangalore manages to live up to its moniker (at least in a few spots). Different districts of Bangalore are popular for diverse reasons; some are far calmer and have lush greenery than others.

Eco-friendly housing

Homes are supposed to be a refuge from the stresses of everyday life. The construction and design of a place are determined by the individual's preferences and comfort, but the most basic requirement that everyone desires in a home is peace and calm. Bangalore is a fantastic city that prides itself on being the birthplace of concepts that usher in the future. While fresh ideas are being introduced, there is a growing, tech-based atmosphere responsible for the development of urbanisation and the apparent erasure of nature from Bangalore's landscapes. Metrics comparing Bangalore in the 1970s show that 68.2% of the city was covered with greenery, but only 2.96% exists today.

These worrying changes are attributed to the city's growing urbanisation and industry following the 1990s. As the world's temperature continues to soar to record highs owing to global warming, the need to invest in wiser, more environmentally friendly lifestyle choices has become critical. As a result, if you are looking for property in Bangalore, you should consider why investing in an eco-friendly house in Bangalore is the way to go.

Green neighbourhoods: A better investment

One of the most essential investments a person makes in their lifetime is in their home. Because the fundamental objective of a home is to promote comfort and relaxation, selecting a home that meets all of these characteristics is a requirement for modern living. Because it is created with sustainability elements, Godrej Properties’ eco-friendly home in Bangalore meets all of these standards and more.

Let us take a deeper look at the sustainable elements provided by Godrej, a Bangalore green housing project: 

Water Management: In addition to capturing rainfall for non-drinking purposes, a sewage water treatment plant (STP) processes wastewater from houses to be reused for gardening and flushing. Godrej Aqua Project at Bangalore International Airport Road lays the foundation for the best practices of water usage in Bangalore. Recharge, Reduce, Recycle, and Water Quality are the four cornerstones of this initiative. This makes it possible to realise the goal of having enough water in every home. A home that has a well-thought-out plan in place for water management, making it water-secure so that the homes will continue to have enough water today and tomorrow.

Waste Management: Waste management is critical for an eco-friendly home in Bangalore. Waste segregation is done at the source, with a resource recovery centre on-site for secondary waste segregation. Hazardous garbage such as biomedical, e-waste, batteries, and so on, as well as non-hazardous waste such as paper, plastic, and so on, are handled by authorised waste handlers or recyclers, with over 100% of wet waste composted on-site and converted into manure for gardening. 

Optimal Insulation and Smart Lighting: Lower energy usage is achieved through cooler internal temperatures caused by insulation, Low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Glass, and smart LED light bulbs installed throughout the complex.

As a result, with its clean and green amenities offering the best for you and the environment, Godrej Ananda is the ideal alternative for an eco-friendly property in Bangalore. If you are looking for a property that is near nature, Godrej Ananda is the place to be.

Green Communities in Bangalore 

Sarjapur Road

Sarjapur Road, as one of the industrial regions in Anekal Taluk, is a rapidly expanding locality with good access to Bangalore's important IT cluster districts. It is a popular neighbourhood since it provides all necessary amenities such as educational institutions, hospitals, markets, and places to hang out. Godrej Park Retreat with acres of curated green space is one such project located at Sarjapur Road. It is built on 12.85 acres of land with 85% of open spaces and 4.06 acres of green cover.


Whitefield, one of Bangalore's newer extensions, is a comparatively recent yet quickly developing suburb. There are already plenty of eateries and facilities in the developing region. Godrej in Whitefield Bangalore has come up with Godrej Splendour, a residential project that has 9 gardens in the newly launched Phase II. Whitefield is a key destination for investment for those interested in well-planned developments.


Indiranagar is located near the centre of Bangalore. It carries the Bangalore vibe with trees laced on either side of the roads. It is populated with businesses, taverns, and eateries. This is an old Bangalore neighbourhood that has evolved over time. The conventional houses and glass-box, modern-style clubs can be found next to each other. Godrej Athena Project in Indiranagar also breathes in the green way of living with 100% EV-enabled parking spaces that encourage a sustainable lifestyle.


New houses on Bagalur Main Road would be a reasonable choice if you are looking for green residential projects in Bangalore. You may spend quality time with your family in the great outdoors. This region will captivate you with its beautiful splendour, unique flora, and fauna. This area of the city is well-connected to the rest of the city. When you migrate to this neighbourhood, you can enjoy a lively lifestyle in your new home. Godrej Ananda, a new gated neighbourhood in the city, is worth a look. You would also enjoy a higher standard of living.

Yelahanka New Town

Yelahanka New Town is located in northern Bangalore and is part of the larger Bangalore area. It is located approximately 915 metres (3000 feet) above mean sea level. Because it is located at a higher elevation, it is lush green and has great weather all year. This area features lush green neighbourhoods, as well as a forest, lakes, and parks.

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