Jun 26, 2023

Smart Home Gadgets for Your New Home

by Godrej Properties Limited



When it comes to smart home advancements, Google and Amazon may be the household names, but they're not the only ones breaking new ground. A lot of smaller rivals are also coming up with ingenious tools to make life simpler. Smaller teams are still investigating new options for improved security and energy efficiency.

Top 5 smart home accessories you should surely check out

These are the top 5 smart gadgets for the home, all of which are intriguing yet hard to categorize. You're bound to discover a unique smart home gadget on this list, whether you're trying to improve your home automation and smart home technology game or you're searching for a fantastic gift for the tech fanatic in your life. Check them out:

Eve Aqua

The Eve Aqua smart sprinkler controller is an easy solution if your lawn or garden requires watering every morning. You connect this high-tech home gadget to your spigot and hose, program a schedule in the app, and presto! Now, a predetermined timer will water your sprinkler.


The smart home hub may seem like a thing of the past now that voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant control the majority of linked home appliances. However, Hubitat's Elevation hub provides a level of anonymity unmatched by its bigger rivals. For $110, the Hubitat hub will handle all voice control (using Alexa and Google Assistant) and automation locally, as opposed to in the cloud.

Wyze Home Security System

No company has pushed the affordability of smart cameras further than Wyze, even though they are becoming more and more accessible. Its $30 camera is an excellent purchase at such a price. Their home security Core Kit is also worth trying. It costs $100 and comes with a Wyze hub, a keypad, a motion sensor, and two contact sensors for doors and windows. It is practical for anyone who travels or simply wants an additional layer of security at home and is simple to install.

Ego Power Plus Lawn Mower

Despite not having internet access, Ego's $500 self-propelled push mower is just as creative and inventive. It is one of the cool smart home devices that is fun and easy to operate. 


You have a ceiling fan that is remote-controlled, but you often misplace the remote and just use the wall switch instead. Bond knows the solution. It links your ceiling fan to a mobile app, Google Assistant, or Alexa. Then you can put the remote away and simply ask your voice assistant to turn on or off the fan.


If you are tech-savvy, you would love these unique, smart home devices. In terms of energy efficiency, privacy, and security, these gadgets excel.



1. What are the commonly used smart home gadgets?

Smart door locks, switches, video doorbells, and bulbs are commonly used smart home gadgets.

2. How can smart bulbs be operated?

Smart bulbs can be operated through voice commands or an app. 

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