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Things to keep in mind when investing in South Delhi

by Godrej Properties Limited



Few people can tell one how to live a luxurious lifestyle better than South Delhi residents. Living in a flat in South Delhi is the epitome of luxurious living, especially when it comes to luxury apartments in South Delhi such as Godrej Connaught One and Godrej South Estate. Areas such as JorBagh, Defence Colony, HauzKhas, and even newer neighbourhoods like Govindpuri andOkhla have bragging rights as some of South Delhi’s poshest areas. Bagging one of these prime properties is indeed a golden ticket to what will be a wonderful lifestyle with world-class amenities. So, how does one go about investing in one of these properties?

1.Finding the right real estate agent

Buying a luxury flat in South Delhiis a long-term investment that’ll impactone’s future lifestyle. Hence, it’s very important to enlist the services of an experienced real estate agent who has extensive knowledge of the locality. Plus, they should possessexperience in high-end real estate, have an extensive network of home sellers and peers, and excellent knowledge of legal regulations.

Additionally, experienced real estate agents have access to exclusive pocket listings. Since a lot of luxury apartments in South Delhi aren’t listed publicly, they aren’t usually listed on online platforms either; at least, not all of their offerings. In fact, some listings are only shown to buyers qualifying as per the seller’s terms and conditions. This is where experienced real estate agents and their vast network can help one get access to such exclusive places.

2.Know the colony and neighbourhood

As the real estate mantra goes, “Location, location, location.” Hence, choosing the right colony and neighbourhood is a very important factor when it comes to buying a luxury flat in South Delhi. For instance, Godrej’s South Estate lies in the upcoming neighbourhood of Govindpuri, which is merely 15 minutes south of Greater Kailash II, one of South Delhi’s poshest pockets. Additionally, it’s within walking distance of the Magenta Line of the Delhi Metro. So, one can also expect property prices to appreciate in the future. Thus, one needs to look for such locations which are not only planned, but also boast excellent connectivity with public infrastructure in order to make a sound investment.

Secondly, one needs to find the right colony for such luxurious living. Today, factors such as a lively neighbourhood, the presence of modern amenities, and lush green surroundingsare just some of the factors that define posh colonies. Godrej South Estate, for instance, features a clubhouse with a luxurious spa and manicured lawns and landscaping. Staying in such properties makes for a lifestyle statement, thus redefining the overall way of how one lives.

Another thing one needs to do is go beyond simply looking at the photos of the project. People need to visit the property personally to get an idea of how it looks, what the plans are, and how the vicinity is.

3.Going for a reputed builder

South Delhi might be packed with real estate ventures, thus making for a diverse portfolio for any buyer, but one needs to find good builders with a stellar reputation. The Godrej group doesn’t need any introduction and guarantees buyers everything from clear procedures and quality building to timely delivery. 

4.Understanding real estate investing basics

Most importantly, one needs to have a clear understanding of the basics of real estate investing. Once the options have been narrowed down, it’s important for buyers to search for permits and other important authorization documents. These include the title of ownership of land and the RERA Project Registration, which one can find on the Delhi Government’s land website here. Additionally, buyers also need to check for design layout permits from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and the building-use authorization once the construction work has been completed. Basically, buyers need to understand all these basics of investing beforehand, so that they don’t run into any problems during the actual homebuying process.

Buying a luxury flat in South Delhi, thus, involves a good amount of time and money, with one’s decision impacting the future lifestyle of one’s family. That’s one of the many reasons why Godrej South Estate Okhla in South Delhi is considered one of Delhi-NCR/Noida region’s best luxury residential projects for luxurious living. This luxury project has been developed by Godrej Properties and offers apartments in 1,2,3, and 4-bedroom configurations, complete with modern and luxurious amenities. There’s no doubt that this project will redefine the South Delhi skyline and staying here will become a pride of place for residents here.

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