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Celebrate Navratri with 9 Convincing Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

by Godrej Properties Limited



Navratri: Honoring the Divine Feminine

One of the most popular Hindu festivals, Navratri, is dedicated to the worship of the goddess Durga. The festival typically falls in the Hindu month of Ashwin (usually in September, October, or November) and culminates with Dussehra, the tenth day, which symbolises the victory of good over evil. Celebrated over nine nights and ten days and is one of the most significant festivals in Hinduism, Navratri is considered the best time for buying a property. 

If an individual buys a house during Navratri, it is considered auspicious in Hindu culture because this festival is associated with new beginnings, prosperity, and good fortune. However, this is not the only reason why people buy houses for sale during Navratri. 

Here are nine reasons why investing in property for sale during Navratri is considered prudent:

Auspicious Timing: Whether you are considering buying an apartment for sale or a house, Navratri is said to be highly auspicious in Hindu culture, making it an ideal time for new beginnings, including real estate investments. Purchasing property during this festival is believed to bring good fortune and positive energy to the investment.


Low-Interest Rates: Many banks and NBFCs sometimes offer special home loan schemes or reduced interest rates during festive seasons, making it financially advantageous for buyers to secure a loan for their property purchase.

Faster Approvals: During festive seasons, administrative offices might expedite approval processes. This can lead to quicker documentation and legal formalities, ensuring a smoother and speedier property transaction. The ease of approvals is one of the primary reasons why people consider this auspicious period to buy houses.


Favourable Market Conditions: Developers often launch new projects or offer attractive deals during festive seasons like Navratri to capitalise on increased buyer interest. This can result in more options and competitive prices for buyers. Thus, Navtratri, for many people, becomes the reason for hitting the internet with terms like “flats for sale near me” or “houses for sale near me”.


Emotional Significance: Festive seasons often evoke positive emotions. Navratri is a time of celebration and joy for many families. Investing in a property during a festive season adds emotional significance to the purchase, making it a cherished and memorable event for the entire family. 


Family Support: During festivals, families come together to celebrate traditions and customs. Buying a property during Navratri with family support can strengthen family bonds and create a shared sense of ownership and responsibility. Real estate investments during Navratri often involve the support and well-wishes of the family, creating a positive atmosphere around the investment.


Festive bonuses and incentives: It's a common practice for some individuals to make significant financial decisions, such as buying property, during festivals like Navratri, especially when they receive bonuses and incentives or experience a financial boost. 


Blessings and Prosperity: Navratri is associated with blessings from the Goddess Durga, who signifies strength and power. Buying a property during this time is believed to invite her divine blessings, ensuring prosperity and protection for the new home.


Alignment with Financial Goals: Many individuals set financial goals annually. Aligning property investment with a significant festival like Navratri allows buyers to fulfil one of their primary goals within the year, providing a sense of accomplishment and financial stability.

Celebrating Navratri with all fervour and enthusiasm is more of a tradition that has been going on for centuries, and so is building wealth around this time. If you buy an apartment for sale during this period, you are in for a blessed beginning. 

Happy Navratri and Happy Home Buying!

Frequently asked questions

1. Do builders and developers offer discounts during Navratri?

Ans: Yes, builders and developers may often offer discounts during Navratri to attract buyers.

2. Why should I buy a property during Navratri 2023?

Ans: Buying a property during Navratri aligns with auspicious beliefs and potential discounts. If you buy a house during Navratri 2023, you are bringing positive energy and blessings of 9 goddesses for the new home.

3. Which day of Navratri 2023 is best to buy a property?

Ans: The 10th day (Vijayadashami) is considered highly auspicious as per Hindu calendar for property purchases

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