Se7en reasons why you should choose a home near Joka Metro Station

Se7en reasons why you should choose a home near Joka Metro Station

by Godrej Properties Limited



Gone are the days when people would boast about the number of amenities their home hasand how lush green their surroundings are.

Of course these things matter because, after all, the quality of life depends predominantly on where you home is located and how much it has to offer.

Open spaces with green surroundings have been shown to have a positively proportional impact on mood, attitude and the perception of life.

However, in today’s era of hustle bustle, career success and overall ambition, to enjoy the luxury of nature and relax in a world of conveniences, you need an adequate work-life balance.

So it is extremely important that your home should be close to your workplace in terms of connectivity and the time and effort it takes to make the commute.

Which is what brings me to the topic of this discussion and why a home which is connected via the KolkataMetro is indeed a great boon.

So let’s talk about Joka in Kolkata and how a lush green home next to Joka Metro Station can be the dream home you have been looking for.

First of all, Joka Metro Station, which falls on the purple line, connects important places like Behala, Thakurpukur and Taratala and trials are now beginning for an extension to Esplanade.

Secondly, the metro network in Kolkata is developing at a fast pace and is becoming the preferred mode of travel throughout the city. All one needs to do is board the metro at any one point and via the Kolkata Metro’s extensive network, they should arrive at their destination quickly while beating traffic, heat and dust which are a part of everyday commutes by road.

In such a scenario, having a home near a Metro Station, is fast becoming the most coveted piece of real estate one can own.

Thirdly, having a home near Joka Metro Station not only means that you have a great landmark when giving people directions, but also that friends and family find it that much easier to come over. This gives you the chance to throw some great parties and then make sure everyone gets home safely.

Fourthly, the Kolkata Metro is bringing with it long strides in the development of infrastructure like schools, hospitals and malls. Which means that property prices should be favourably affected.

The fifth reason is that traveling by metro is considered safer than any other means of transport. That translates to around-the-clock security personnel to look after your family when they travel and peace of mind for you.

The sixth reason is the sheer charm of traveling on the metro. No constant honking, no bikes jumping out of lanes, no crawling through a line of cars a kilometre long because it rained that morning.

In addition, the purple line on which Joka Metro Station runs both above the ground (which makes for stunning views) as well as underground which is when you can read a book or play the latest game on your phone or simply share some happy chatter with friends.

The Kolkata Metro also has seats reserved for women which to me is Kolkata’s way of being chivalrous and so feels quite delightful each time you travel.

The seventh and final reason for wanting to live near Joka Metro Station isthe fact that you can pick a home at Godrej Se7en, a landmark project in Joka which Godrej presents with its evergreen promise of joy.

So not only do you get excellent connectivity to schools, hospitals, markets and offices via Joka Metro Station, but you also get lush green surroundings and a world of luxury and amenities courtesy of a home at Godrej Se7en.

So go take a trip to Godrej Se7en (it’s next to Joka Metro Station) and start living the dream.

Which brings me to the end of this blog. From all the folks at Godrej Properties, wishing you a joyfulhome.

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