Jun 26, 2023

Real estate trends and upcoming developments in Mahalunge

by Godrej Properties Limited



In recent years, Mahalunge has transformed into one of the most desired real estate micro-markets in the city of Pune. This north-western Pune suburb lies just off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway with verdant hills in the backdrop. The scenic and serene expanses of this suburb have been slowly transforming over the last few years. With the town planning and infrastructure developments in full swing, Mahalunge promises to be a sophisticated and upscale micro-town in the making.

Property prices

Mahalunge has developed into a highly prized residential area in West Pune. One of the reasons is that the surrounding segments and suburbs like Wakad, Baner, and Hinjewadi have gotten quite overcrowded. Moreover, the property there has gotten very costly in the last few years. Compared to that, the price of residential apartments in Mahalunge is in the range of ₹ 7,500-8,000 per square foot on the higher end. The average price rests around ₹ 6,000-6,400 per square foot.

For instance, Godrej’s projects are some of the most prestigious projects in Mahalunge. Godrej Hillside 3 and Green Cove are on the affordable end of the spectrum with 1, 2, and 3 BHK apartments. Meanwhile, Godrej Sky Avenue and Hill Retreat are slightly more upscale, complete with all modern living amenities that make investing here absolutely worth it.

Connectivity and convenience

Mahalunge is perhaps the most well-connected of all of Pune’s northern and western suburbs. Firstly, it lies right off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, just south of Hinjewadi and right opposite Baner. One can reach Pune Railway Station and Pune International Airport in less than an hour. Plus, prominent central Pune neighbourhoods like Shivajinagar, Kothrud, and Sadar Bazaar are also just 45 minutes away.

Plus, it’s conveniently surrounded by important landmarks in Pune, including Hinjewadi IT Park and the Symbiosis Group of Institutions, which include hospitals, research centres, schools, and colleges. Due to the presence of these large employment and education hubs, there’s bound to be an influx of working professionals who will look for homes in this suburb. It will result in a considerable increase in the demand for residential and commercial properties in Mahalunge.

Upcoming Developments

Mahalunge has tremendous potential for growth due to the development of infrastructure that has been planned for the region. It is being hailed as the first in a progression of Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) Town Planning Schemes. In fact, the PMRDA has proposed 45 such townships, and the Mahalunge Township model will be used as a prototype for the many other townships to follow. The crowning glory of this township is the 600-acre-huge Mahalunge Maan Hi-Tech City. It’s touted to be one of the largest township projects in Pune and will be a mix of residential and commercial areas.

The PMRDA has also proposed and begun work on the ambitious outer ring road, which will make its way through 66 of Pune’s villages and fastest-growing suburbs, including Mahalunge. This will drive the real estate market’s growth in the future as it’ll enhance the connectivity of the suburb with other hotspots of Pune City.

If that wasn’t enough, the proposed Hyperloop connectivity project between Mumbai and Pune has Wakad as one of its stations, which is hardly 10 minutes from Mahalunge.

Social Amenities

Since it’s being developed as a micro-market, Mahalunge is transforming into a self-sustaining township with all the social amenities required to live comfortably. Within a radius of 2km, there are various medical and healthcare, educational, recreational, and entertainment options in the area. These include private and public schools, malls, recreation centres like public swimming pools, as well as the entire consortium of the Symbiosis Group of Institutions.

All in all, Mahalunge seems poised on the brink of an economic and social transformation due to the planned infrastructural changes. It’s already an upcoming suburb that’s attracting many homebuyers with its connectivity and affordability and has enormous potential to flourish into an upmarket Western Pune suburb. With everything in place, prices in the neighbourhood are only going to rise, which makes it a great place for residential investments. Godrej’s properties in Mahalunge, such as Godrej Hill Retreat, Green Vistas, Sky Avenue, and Hillside 3, make for excellent residential properties for investment. And these are not it, there is more. After all, not only is their location strategic, but also, they emulate the suburb’s modern living model, with all necessary amenities in place - and then some.



1. Why is Mahalunge a good area to live in?

It’s a rapidly developing north-western Pune suburb that boasts a green and peaceful environment with amenities of modern living as well as easy access to Pune city.

2. Which is the best residential area in Mahalunge, Pune?

The area near the famous Hanging Bridge across the Mula River is one of the best residential areas in Mahalunge. It’s home to some of Godrej Properties’ best projects, including Sky Avenue, Hill Retreat, and Meadows.

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