Aug 22, 2023

Ready Reckoner Rate in Nagpur | Circle Rate in Nagpur 2023

by Godrej Properties Limited



With excellent infrastructure, accessibility, and a pleasant climate, Nagpur offers an unparalleled standard of living. One crucial aspect that plays a pivotal role in Nagpur property transactions is the Ready Reckoner Rates. This comprehensive guide will delve into the importance of Ready Reckoner Rate, also known as circle rates in Nagpur and how you can easily find them online.

Ready Reckoner Rates Nagpur 2023 - List (per sq. ft.)

Here is the list of ready reckoner rate for major areas:

AreaReady Reckoner/Circle Rate
Anant NagarRs. 3,300 - 3,650
Arya NagarRs. 3,400 - 3,800
Bajaj NagarRs. 7,050 - 8,250
WathodaRs. 3,250 - 4,250
ChinchbhuwanRs. 3,700 - 4,250
Raj NagarRs. 6,250 - 7,450
Laxmi NagarRs. 6,600 - 8,050
JamthaRs. 3,150 - 3,350
Friends ColonyRs. 4,250 - 5,000
ChinchbhavanRs. 3,900 - 4,650
SadarRs. 6,600 - 8,350
Civil LinesRs. 6,800 - 9,150
Koradi RoadRs. 3,350 - 3,850
Umred RoadRs. 3,250 - 4,150
Nrendra Nagar ExtensionRs. 4,650 - 5,700
Zingabai TakliRs. 3,400 - 3,750
Ring RoadRs. 3,350 - 4,250

How to Find Ready Reckoner Rates Nagpur Online Using IGR Maharashtra

Finding the Online Ready Reckoner Nagpur Rates is a simple process. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the IGR Maharashtra online portal. (
  • Click on the e-ASR option under the Online Services section.
  • Select e-ASR 1.9 and then Nagpur.
  • Choose the taluka, village, and other necessary details to find the Circle Rate for your property. It will also help you find ready reckoner rate Nagpur Gramin.

Finding Ready Reckoner Rates Nagpur Offline

If you do not have internet access, you can visit the nearest sub-registrar's office in Nagpur to check the Ready Reckoner Rates offline. Provide the required property location details, such as district and village, to get the updated rates.

Ready Reckoner Maharashtra Mobile Application

You can also use the Ready Reckoner Maharashtra mobile application to find the Circle Rate for your Nagpur property. Download the app from Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS), register, and select Nagpur as your city. Provide your property's location details; the app will display the latest rates.

Be Informed, Make Informed Decisions

Ready Reckoner Rates are a critical aspect of property transactions in Nagpur. Property owners and buyers can make well-informed financial decisions by understanding these rates. Checking the Ready Reckoner Rates online through the IGR Maharashtra portal or offline at the sub-registrar's office is hassle-free and requires no payment or documentation.


Q: How can I check the Ready Reckoner Rate Nagpur offline?

A: Visit the nearest sub-registrar's office in Nagpur and provide property location details to check the Ready Reckoner Rate offline.

Q: Do I need to pay any charges to check the Ready Reckoner Rate in Nagpur?

A: No, there are no charges for checking the Ready Reckoner Rate in Nagpur. 

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