Jun 22, 2023

Psychology Behind House Exterior Colors

by Godrej Properties Limited



The exterior of your house is like the clothes you wear and is thus the first aspect that attracts the attention of a visitor. Hence, the exterior house colour should be chosen carefully and must complement the architecture, surroundings, and Vastu of your house. Let’s look at some house colour combinations and tips for beautifying your house.

Common Colours for House Exteriors

Here’s a look at popular house exterior colours that are also vastu-approved: 

White: A timeless colour, white evokes cleanliness, simplicity, and purity. While difficult to maintain, it is a popular choice of houses that boast a modern, minimalist design.

Blue: A popular choice for beachside and coastal homes, blue also works well for homes located away from the sea. The colour evokes a sense of calm, and its darker shades lend a sense of stability to a house.

Yellow: Another popular primary colour, yellow expresses warmth, vibrancy, and positivity. Darker shades add a playful touch while lighter shades can make a house look larger.

Red: A passionate primary colour, red works in popular combinations with white, grey, and turquoise. An auspicious colour,  red also conveys confidence and works well as an accent colour.

Green: Green adds a sense of vitality and freshness to a house. Blending in harmoniously with nature, green’s many shades provide various soothing effects.

Brown: Brown represents warmth, stability, and a sense of comfort. It makes your home inviting and can be very attractive when used in lighter building colour combinations.

Gray: Providing an elegant, subtle look, gray is most suitable for structures that combine modern architectural elements such as glass.

Tips for Choosing Exterior House Colours

Here are some tips to remember when choosing exterior colours:

  1. Choose colours that accentuate your house’s architecture and enhance the home’s overall beauty.
  2. Use a bright or bold colour to highlight a unique feature of your house design. Similarly, use neutral colours to cover up elements that are not cohesive.
  3. It's wonderful to be trendy, however, trends die out. Stick with colours that are classic and timeless.
  4. Always choose complementary colours and refer to the colour wheel when choosing light and dark colour combinations.
  5. Consider the background and surrounding houses when choosing house colour combinations outside your house.
  6. Two to three colours work best for building colours outside the house. Additional colour will overwhelm the senses and make your house stick out unnecessarily. A patch test helps confirm colours combinations that work.
  7. Choose reliable brands and durable paints. Always protect your exterior colours with a weather coat.

The exterior colours of your home can make it look attractive or dull. Choose them discerningly and consult professionals if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which building outside colours should be avoided as per Vastu?

Answer: Black is considered a negative colour as per Vastu and should be avoided.

2. Which colours will make my house look bigger?

Answer: Light colours like white, beige, peach and pastel shades can enhance a house’s size.

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