Pre Launch Property: Pros and Cons
Oct 19, 2023Homes and People

Pre Launch Property: Pros and Cons

by Godrej Properties Limited



Purchasing a property during its new launch phase can offer various advantages that cater to homebuyers and investors. The pre-launch stage, often called the early development phase, brings unique opportunities that can shape your real estate journey in significant ways. Let’s delve into the benefits of investing in new launch projects.

Advantages of Real Estate Investment During New Property Launch

Customized Choices for Your Dream Space

Acquiring a property during its pre-launch phase allows you to customize your future living space according to your preferences. From selecting the ideal floor and unit to choosing the view and direction that suit you best, this phase empowers you to shape your dream home or workspace. With the potential for interior modifications, new launch projects are your chance to ensure that your property aligns perfectly with your expectations.

Strategic Investment Potential

Investing in a property at the pre-launch stage can be a wise financial move. The period following the pre-launch often witnesses price escalation as the project progresses. By securing a launch property, you position yourself to reap the benefits of this price appreciation. Whether you plan to occupy or allocate the property for investment purposes, the pre-launch phase offers strategic advantages for maximizing returns.

Attractive Deals and Discounts

Real estate developers entice prospective buyers with appealing offers and discounts during the new property launch stage. This is especially true for pre-launched or newly launched projects. It presents a golden opportunity for aspiring homeowners and investors to acquire properties at more budget-friendly rates. Capitalizing on these deals can yield substantial savings while securing quality real estate.

Flexible Payment Options and Financial Relief

Many pre-launch property projects come with simplified payment options that ease the financial burden for buyers. Schemes that delay EMI payments until possession can provide significant relief. Additionally, the need to pay only a portion (usually 20-25%) of the total cost upfront to the builder further enhances affordability. This arrangement encourages builders to expedite project completion, ensuring timely delivery.

Shielding Against Price Hikes

Buying a property during its new launch phase shields you from potential future price hikes. The real estate market is prone to fluctuations, and prices can rise unexpectedly. Investing in a new property lets you lock in the price before market forces drive it upward.

Conclusion: Seizing Opportunities in the New Launch Phase

Embrace the new launch phase to realize the full spectrum of benefits it offers. This early stage is your gateway to a rewarding real estate journey, from tailored living spaces to strategic investments and financial advantages.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is buying during the new launch phase only for investors?

A: No, this phase is advantageous for both investors and homebuyers. Investors benefit from price appreciation, while homebuyers can secure customized properties at attractive rates.

Q: Are there risks involved in purchasing during the pre-launch stage?

A: While there are potential risks, such as design uncertainties, the benefits, including cost savings and customization, often outweigh these concerns. It's crucial to research developers and projects thoroughly to mitigate risks.

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