Aug 29, 2023

Property Tax in Rajasthan: A Guide to Calculation, Eligibility, and Exemptions

by Godrej Properties Limited



When you own property in Rajasthan, it comes with the responsibility of paying property tax. To make it simple for property owners to pay taxes online, the authorities have ensured that the Rajasthan Municipal Corporation online portal contains all information and is user-friendly. This guide unravels how property tax in Rajasthan gets calculated, who needs to pay, and who might be eligible for exemptions.

How is Rajasthan Property Tax Calculated?

The formulas to figure out Rajasthan property tax are listed below.

Types of PropertiesFormulas for Land Tax in Rajasthan Calculation
Residential Houses(Plot Area(sq.yd.) X DLC Residential Rate)/ 2000
Residential ApartmentsDLC Residential Rate X (Flat Build-Up Area (in sq. yard.)) / 2000
Commercial(Plot Area/Built-Up Area, whichever is greater) (in square yards) x DLC
Institutional(Plot Area/Built up Area (Sq.yd.) x DLC Institutional Rate)/2000
Industrial(Plot Area/ Built-up Area(whichever is more)( in sq.yd.) x DLC industrial rate)/ 2000

Eligibility Criteria for Property Tax Payment

The eligibility requirements for paying land tax in Rajasthan are listed below.

  • Property Ownership: Any individual or entity owning property in Rajasthan, whether residential or commercial, is eligible for property tax payment.
  • Vacant Land: Even if the property is vacant and not generating any income, the owner must still pay property tax.
  • Rented Properties: In cases of rented properties, the responsibility of property tax payment lies with the property owner, not the tenant.

Property Tax in Rajasthan: Exemptions

The government of Rajasthan offers exemptions under specific circumstances, such as:

  • Senior Citizens: Some municipalities may provide property tax relief or discounts to senior citizens as a welfare measure.
  • Charitable and Religious Institutions: Properties owned by registered charitable or religious institutions may be eligible for partial or full exemption from property tax.
  • Government Properties: Properties owned by the government or government bodies are usually exempt from Rajasthan property tax.
  • Agricultural Land: In some instances, agricultural lands may be exempt from property tax, especially if they are being used for farming purposes.

Insightful Conclusion

All immovable assets, including houses, offices, retail establishments, industries, and other structures, are subject to house tax in Rajasthan. When paying land tax in Rajasthan, ensure you have understood the process and have all the necessary property documentation. You can access the online portal of the Municipal Corporation of Rajasthan to pay tax. To prevent late payment charges, you must settle property tax from 1st April to 31st March for the financial year.


Q: How can I calculate my property tax in Rajasthan?

A: To calculate your property tax in Rajasthan, multiply the property's annual rateable value by the applicable property tax rate, which is determined based on the property type and location.

Q: Can I pay property online tax in Rajasthan?

A: Yes, the Rajasthan government offers online tax payment facilities. Property owners can visit the official website of their respective municipal corporations, access the tax payment portal, and make secure online payments.

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