Posh Areas in Pune: 5 Expensive Areas to Live in Pune

Pune is the IT hub of India. It may not have the best connectivity but it does have a lot of posh areas to live in. These areas are not for everyone though. Some are for the rich and the rich only. This blog will look at 5 posh areas in Pune and what makes them posh.

Pune is a wonderful place to live in. It starts as an affordable city to live in, but very quickly it can get quite expensive. It is commonplace for the rich and famous to own more than one property. It is also commonplace for people to rent out their property for income. Here are 5 areas where you will find some of the most expensive apartment complexes in Pune.

1. New Kalyani Nagar

New Kalyani Nagar, being an expansion of Kalyani Nagar, is seeing some major private and business development. New Kalyani Nagar is effectively commutable to other well-known spots of the city Pune posh area. This spot is additionally near the air terminal and rail route station. Since it is additionally an IT center, it acquired significance among the IT swarm. The adjoining region to New Kayani Nagar is Koregaon Park, another Pune opulent region. You can likewise observe lofts and extravagant homes from famous manufacturers making it a rich region in Pune. One may not stress over diversion while dwelling around here since there are numerous cafés, bars, shopping centers here.

2- Shivaji Nagar

Shivaji Nagar is one of the greener areas of Pune. It is also a posh area of Pune. This is a region that has numerous significant government workplaces, city courts, and instructive organizations. This spot got its fame when well-known developers purchased land to assemble houses here. The developing lodging request made this spot develop into a rich region in Pune. The plant life in Shivaji Nagar is inviting numerous occupants to put resources into properties here. The land is blasting here as land costs are relied upon to rise considerably more in the following not many years.

3- Koregaon Park

Koregaon Park is notable for its vegetation and tidiness. This is one of the top places in Pune that has business foundations and sumptuous estates in the midst of plant life. Koregaon Park isn’t simply a renowned spot for private purposes yet has transformed into a business place as well. This region has numerous eateries and bars that draw in adolescents. With regards to driving to Koregaon Park, the all-around arranged streets here are a gift. The downtown area can be gotten to through the Agha Khan Bridge.

4- Kothrud

Did you have at least some idea that Kothrud has a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as Asia’s quickest creating suburb? Kothrud is arranged in the South-West district of Pune and has encountered quick development inland in a couple of years. It has a few lavish private properties and furthermore business structures. The very much evolved social and urban framework makes Kothrud the most sought-after private spot among all the others. The IT organizations and the notable universities here make this place a top choice for the two experts and understudies. This is one of the posh localities in Pune.

5- SenapatiBapat Road

SenapatiBapat Road is one of the notable elegant regions in Pune which is situated on the West side of Pune. It acquired fame as a result of Symbiosis College. This is a straight street containing shopping centers, emergency clinics, sanctuaries, and tall pinnacles. The region interfaces Aundh, Model state, Baner, Pashan, Pune University, Shivaji Nagar, and a lot more regions. You can lease estates, cabins, and lofts for your extravagant living.

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