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Patna Marine Drive: Game Changer for Real Estate

by Godrej Properties Limited



What is Patna Marine Drive?

Patna Marine Drive, known as Loknayak Ganga Path, is a visionary infrastructure project spearheaded by Bihar's Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar. This iconic corridor runs along the majestic River Ganges, drawing parallels with London's Thames Path and Mumbai's Marine Drive. The project envisions a 20.5 km-long expressway elevated on a 13-meter-high dam, facilitating seamless connectivity from Digha to Deedarganj.


Patna Marine Drive


Marine Drive Patna Key Details

Here are the key details of the Marine Drive Patna project:

Key DetailsSpecifications
Project Length20.5 km
Driveway4-lane access-controlled highway
Driveway on Land16 km
Footpath5 ft wide on both sides
Connecting BridgesDigha Rail Bridge, Kacchi Dargah-Bidupur Bridge, Mahatma Gandhi Setu
Total CostRs 3,831 crore

Patna Marine Drive: Current Status

The project, initiated in August 2007, encountered several challenges in land acquisition and other tasks, causing a delay of over two years. However, it has regained momentum since the resolution of land acquisition issues. As of now, the first and second phases are complete, connecting Digha to Fatuha. Phase 3, linking Gandhi Setu to Deedarganj, is under construction.

Patna Marine Drive: Route Map and Major Junctions

This transformative corridor traverses key areas of Patna, enhancing east-west connectivity. Starting from Digha in the west, the Marine Drive Patna location encompasses vital landmarks, including LCT Ghat, AN Sinha Institute, PMCH, Krishna Ghat, Gai Ghat, Kangan Ghat, Patna Ghat, and finally, Didarganj in the east. The corridor also seamlessly integrates with Atal Path, improving accessibility to AIIMS and PMCH, thereby enhancing medical infrastructure. You can get further details by exploring the Patna Marine Drive Map.

Patna Marine Drive: Future Plans

The vision for Patna Marine Drive extends further east to Bakhtiyarpur and west to Sherpur. The Sherpur-Dighakhand stretch will span 12.5 km, while the Deedarganj-Bhakhtiyarpur stretch will cover 35 km, extending the Marine Drive to an impressive 70 km. This extension is poised to boost the real estate value of areas along the expressway, making it an attractive prospect for homebuyers seeking enhanced connectivity and livability.

As Patna's infrastructure flourishes with projects like Marine Drive, real estate developers like Godrej Properties Patna are eyeing opportunities to create upscale residential offerings. The future holds the promise of a vibrant city where residents can enjoy the tranquillity of a Marine Drive resort while relishing the urban amenities.

Scope of Patna Marine Drive

The ambitious Patna Marine Drive will connect Digha in the west to Deedarganj in the east. The first phase connecting Digha to Patna Medical College Hospital has been completed. The 6.5 km stretch of the 20.5 km-long expressway, also called Atal Path, is expected to reduce the commute time to 15-20 minutes and decongest the Ashok Path. It is expected to improve access to medical care since PMCH and AIIMS are located close by. These are some of the marine drive’s highlights:

  • The estimated project cost is Rs 3,106 crore
  • Access-controlled 4-lane highway with a 5 ft. footpath on either side
  • The second phase connecting PMCH to Gai Ghat is underway.
  • The Patna Marine Drive is expected to be completed by the end of 2024

Impact of the Patna Marine Drive

  1. Riverfront Development: 4.5 km of riverfront development is planned. This includes 20 ghats, 4 cultural centres, and green spaces, thus potentially boosting the overall lifestyle around it. These developments will offer residents scenic views of the Ganga and new avenues for recreation and leisure.
  2. Infrastructure Development: The construction or improvement of supplementary facilities and infrastructure surrounding the marine drive, such as connecting roads, parking facilities, utilities, etc., will improve the location’s accessibility and enhance its appeal.
  3. Increase in Property Value: The marine drive project will enhance the desirability of residential communities close to it. Thus, the real estate market in its vicinity will see rising property stocks for owners and investors and attract more development.
  4. Commercial Development: Marine Drive in Patna will boost commercial and retail development in and around the project. Cafes, restaurants, and shopping centres close to the project will enhance the locale’s attractiveness and boost employment opportunities and the local economy.
  5. Reviving Surroundings: The Patna Marine Drive project could act as a catalyst for breathing new life into the surrounding areas. This could include beautification of parks and public spaces, redevelopment of properties, and overall improved maintenance of the surrounding landscape.

Finally, the Marine Drive in Patna will give its own version of London’s Thames Path and also have a cascading positive effect on real estate, transport, and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Marine Drive Patna’s location?

Ans: Marine Drive is an east-west expressway near the River Ganga in Patna.

2. What is the Loknayak Ganga Path project?

Ans: The Patna Marine Drive project is also called the Loknayak Ganga Path.

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