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A comprehensive overview of the National Generic Document Registration System

by Godrej Properties Limited



NGDRS full form is the National Generic Document Registration System. It is a pivotal initiative in digitising India's land records and property registration. It has been widely adopted across numerous states and Union Territories (UTs), transforming the process of land document registration and property transactions. 

What is NGDRS?

NGDRS is an innovative online platform designed to streamline property registration, the uploading of relevant documents, and the booking of online appointments with Sub-Registrar Offices (SROs) across various states in India. This citizen-centric software revolutionises property registration, making it more accessible, transparent, and efficient.

Key objectives of NGDRS

The primary objectives of NGDRS include:

  • Facilitating property registration and document submission online
  • Empowering citizens by enabling property valuation and online document submission
  • Providing a single platform for all stakeholders involved in the registration process

Importance of NGDRS

  • Customisation for state-specific needs: NGDRS is customisable according to each state's property registration rules and specific requirements.
  • Access to information: Citizens can easily access information regarding ready reckoner rates, property valuations, and land types, helping them make informed decisions.
  • Online application and payments: Property buyers can apply for online property document submission and make online payments, reducing the need for physical visits to government offices.
  • Enhanced productivity: NGDRS has significantly improved the efficiency of government department staff and made the entire registration process more efficient.

 How NGDRS works

Here is how the NGDRS works to improve efficacy.

  • Citizen registration: Citizens must register on the NGDRS website by providing essential information, including their citizen type, address, email ID, username, and password.
  • Property valuation: Registered citizens can proceed with property valuation, select the relevant financial year, and enter property details, such as location, survey number, and property usage.
  • Calculate and save: Users can calculate property valuation and save the details online after entering the required information.
  • Property valuation report: One can see it online

NGDRS services

NGDRS offers various services, including:

  • Online document entry by citizens
  • Online property valuation and stamp duty calculation
  • Role-based access for both citizens and department users
  • SMS alerts for citizens and departmental users
  • Hierarchy-based maker/checker facility
  • eKYC with UID-based authentication using biometrics or iris scanning
  • Integration with land records systems
  • An online payment facility
  • Storage of registered documents with scanning technology
  • Viewing and downloading of scanned documents for certified copies

The final word

In conclusion, the National Generic Document Registration System (NGDRS) is a game-changing digital platform for property registration process and document submission in India, enhancing transparency, efficiency, and accessibility for citizens and government departments alike. As it continues to expand its reach across the country, NGDRS is poised to further revolutionise the property registration process, benefiting both property buyers and the government.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.How does NGDRS benefit citizens?

Ans: NGDRS offers a streamlined and convenient way to register property, reducing paperwork, processing time, and physical visits to government offices.

2. What are the critical features of NGDRS?

Ans: Key features include online document entry, property valuation, role-based access, online payment, and integration with land records systems.


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