Oragadam's Connectivity for Family Growth in Chennai

Oragadam's Connectivity for Family Growth in Chennai

by Godrej Properties Limited



Connectivity of Oragadam

Oragadam's strategic placement, about 60 kilometres from Chennai, connects it effortlessly to the city's core. It sits near the Chennai Outer Ring Road (CORR), which significantly eases commutes and promotes seamless connectivity to other parts of Chennai.

Excellent Road Connectivity

The Chennai Outer Ring Road (CORR) is a vital lifeline for Oragadam's connectivity. This well-planned, six-lane expressway encircles Chennai and provides swift access to major highways, including NH-48 (Bengaluru-Chennai Highway), NH-32 (Chennai Bypass Road), and NH-45 (GST Road). These highways are the gateways to essential destinations in and around Chennai, making Oragadam an ideal residential choice for families.

Upcoming Chennai Peripheral Ring Road (CPRR)

The icing on the connectivity cake is the proposed Chennai Peripheral Ring Road (CPRR). This ambitious project will further enhance Oragadam's connectivity, bypassing the city's congestion and ensuring smooth transit. CPRR will create a direct link to the Ennore Port, reducing travel time for cargo transport and benefiting the local economy.

Industrial and Economic Hubs

Oragadam's growth isn't limited to residential development. It hosts an industrial corridor with numerous global manufacturing giants, automobile companies, and technology firms. This blend of residential and industrial development fosters job opportunities, enhancing the economic stability of the region.

Educational and Healthcare Facilities

Oragadam isn't just about work and commutes. It also caters to families with various educational institutions and healthcare facilities. Reputed schools, colleges, and hospitals in the vicinity ensure that your family's educational and healthcare needs are well cared for.

Modern Oragadam Infrastructure

Oragadam boasts modern infrastructure with well-laid roads, consistent power supply, and efficient water resources. This infrastructure translates into a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for your family.

Recreational Amenities

In addition to essential amenities, Oragadam offers recreational opportunities. Shopping centres, restaurants, and entertainment hubs cater to your family's leisure and entertainment needs.

The final words

Oragadam Chennai Connectivity is undoubtedly a lifeline for your family's growth and well-being. Whether you're considering it for its strategic location, upcoming infrastructure, or the presence of renowned educational and healthcare institutions, Oragadam checks all the boxes for an ideal family living destination. Make the smart move and invest in the future of your family today.

Frequently asked questions

1. Are there good schools in Oragadam for my children's education?

Ans: Oragadam is home to several reputable schools and colleges, ensuring your children can access quality education. Some well-known educational institutions in the area include SRM University, Valliammai Engineering College, and Delhi Public School.

2. How is the healthcare infrastructure in Oragadam?

Ans: Oragadam offers access to modern healthcare facilities. Prominent hospitals like SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Chettinad Health City, and Saveetha Medical College Hospital are within easy reach, ensuring the health and well-being of your family.

3. Are there any upcoming projects in Oragadam?

Ans: Godrej Properties in Oragadam has indeed announced an exciting upcoming project called Godrej Sunrise Estate. This plotted development is set to be a significant addition to the Oragadam area, offering prospective buyers and investors a range of residential opportunities.

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