Aug 01, 2023

Home Loan Tenure: Maximum & Minimum Loan Duration

by Godrej Properties Limited



Home loan tenure refers to the period over which a borrower agrees to repay the loan amount and the interest. Choosing the suitable tenure is essential, balancing affordable EMIs and minimising the overall interest burden. Whether opting for a minimum home loan tenure with higher EMIs or a maximum home loan tenure with lower EMIs, borrowers must consider their financial goals and capacity to ensure a smooth repayment journey.

Maximum Home Loan Tenure

The maximum home loan tenure typically varies between 20 to 30 years, depending on the lending institution and the borrower's age. Opting for a longer tenure extends the repayment period, leading to lower monthly installments and enhanced affordability. This can particularly benefit borrowers with limited current income or financial commitments. 

Minimum Home Loan Tenure

The minimum home loan tenure may range from 5 to 10 years, depending on the lending institution's policies. Opting for a minimum home loan tenure enables borrowers to repay the loan faster, reducing the overall interest burden. Additionally, a shorter tenure may result in lower interest costs over the loan term, making it a financially prudent choice for those seeking to save on interest payments. 

Maximum Vs Minimum Home Loan Tenure

Maximum Home Loan TenureMinimum Home Loan Tenure
The repayment period is between 20 to 30 years.The repayment period is between 5 to 10 years.
Lower monthly EMIs and improved affordability.Faster loan repayment and reduced interest burden.
Ideal for people with limited income.
Builds equity in the property quickly.
Extended repayment period leads to higher overall interest payments.Higher monthly EMIs may be less affordable for some borrowers.


Factors Choosing the Best Home Loan Tenure

Here are some essential factors to consider while choosing the tenure for a home loan:

  1. Factor in your current income, expenses, and financial goals to determine your repayment capacity.
  2. Choose EMIs that align with your financial commitments.
  3. Consider the total interest payable over the loan tenure. Know that maximum tenures may increase interest rates, while minimum home loan tenures allow lower interest payments.
  4. Take your age into account to avoid financial stress during retirement years.
  5. Foreclosure is an excellent way to minimise interest payments. Check with the lender if they allow prepayment or foreclosure without penalties.


Remember, the best home loan tenure is a balance between manageable EMIs, minimising interest costs, and aligning with your financial goals. Compare different tenures, analyse your financial situation, and make an informed decision to ensure a smooth and stress-free home loan journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I change my loan tenure after obtaining a home loan?

Answer: The tenure can be changed during the loan. However, this may vary from lender to lender. Thus, check with your lender beforehand.

  • How does the loan tenure affect my eligibility for a home loan?

Answer: Longer tenure increases the home loan eligibility for higher loan limits. 

  • When is a longer loan tenure better?

Answer: A longer loan tenure is better when you prefer lower monthly EMIs.

  • What is the loan term limit?

Answer: The loan term limit refers to the maximum duration or period for which a loan can be taken.

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