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Manor: What weekend getaways are made of

by Godrej Properties Limited



Everyone needs a little time away from the city, to get back in touch with nature and wildlife. A place where they can wake up to the sound of wild birds singing, and sparkling skies in all of its infinite glory. Somewhere to feel the grass under your bare feet and seek shade in tranquil canopies of everlasting trees.

Situated within approximately two hours of distance from South Mumbai, find yourself transported to a world with the riches and quaint comfort of the countryside, without compromising on connectivity to the various facets of modernity. Manor is a scenic, little town about 120 kms from Mumbai. It has quietly gone about its business and emerged as a hidden gem for people with an eye for natural beauty and jaw-dropping views. 

It is a region that is constantly developing enviable infrastructure, making it more connected than ever to the surrounding places. The district of Palghar has seen growth, both financially and experientially. As a result, there has been a rise in the number of land and plots for sale in Manor. There’s a great deal of upcoming infrastructure projects, with the likes of Delhi-Mumbai Expressway which is expected to connect Manor on the present Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway. The Mumbai-Vadodara Expressway is all set to drastically reduce travel time to Vadodara and the Mumbai-Kandivali Coastal Road, which promises to redefine movements in and around Mumbai. The roads are wide and relatively traffic-free, which is good for people who might be coming from other states like Gujarat. They also serve as a wonderful relief from the horrid experiences of driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic in cities. The drive to Manor is pleasant on your senses, as the location ensures very little pollution, may it be air or sound pollution. Imagine yourself driving to Manor, surrounded by stunning views on either side and little to no traffic.

Advancements are not only limited to roads but also, a Vadhavan port near Dahanu which is slated to bring about trade and commercial progress. The presence of a port greatly increases the potential of being commercially and economically treasured. If this doesn’t sound tempting enough for you already, not to worry, there’s a showstopper which will stop you right in your tracks. The Boisar station on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train is fairly close to Manor (~20 min by road) connecting you to the commercial hub of Mumbai – BKC within a mere 30 mins by the bullet train. With proximity to the bullet train, you can be a part of the New India and its rapidly advancing, exciting new technological possibilities. All the while, putting your feet up from the cosy, country comforts. Not many places that are deeply entrenched in nature and its untouched beauty can brag about enjoying the thrills of a bullet train journey in their backyard.

Apart from the infrastructural developments, there are various tourist attractions for the ones passing by Manor or people who might’ve booked a weekend stay and tour. For the beach enthusiasts, there are two prominent beaches nearby. The Kelwa beach, which is highly recommended for its sweeping views of the sea, sand, and the bountiful patch of green trees that surrounds it. The Satpati beach is a renowned fishing hub of India, and it enjoys vibrancy and a happening vibe during weekends and evenings.

The Tansa lake is a dam reservoir and one of the longest and oldest masonry dams in the MMR area. It is said to be the only freshwater lake and was built in 1892 as part of the Tansa dam project. The town of Manor and its surrounding areas are rich with culture and heritage of the olden times and deserves at least a weekend of exploring. Some of the attractions offering otherworldly panoramas are the Kohoj Fort Trek in Wada, Suryamal which has the Jawahar Sunset Point and Vaitarna dam.

The Kohoj Fort Trek is a mediaeval military fortification near Palghar. It can be reached from the Vaghote village on the Palghar-Wada road. At its base, you get a clear, gorgeous reflection of the fort which makes for a memory that would be difficult to forget. Suryamal hosts the highest peak in the region, which translates to a visual spectacle. The view from the small hilltop is really a sight for sore eyes and a safe haven for nature lovers and cynical environmentalists everywhere.

Manor has a range of terrains and attractions that would require days of exploring to fully enjoy everything that it offers. Some developers have laid out plots for sale in Manor for the ones who’d like to construct a second home here and make it a place for some peace and solitude from the city.

So if you’re looking for a marvellous weekend getaway from Mumbai, away from the bustling urban vistas, look no further than Godrej Country Estate .A geaway that rejuvenates your mind, body and soul to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

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