Aug 22, 2023

Mangalore Property Tax: A Complete Guide for Property Tax in Mangalore

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Mangalore, popularly known as Mangaluru among the natives, is a captivating coastal city renowned for its beautiful beaches, water sports, and vibrant culture. The city boasts excellent infrastructure and urban facilities, making it a perfect destination for property investment. Like any urban living, property tax holds significance in Mangalore. As a property owner in this dynamic city, understanding property tax is essential.

Understanding the MCC's Revised Property Tax for 2023-24

Recently, the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) conducted a review of property tax rates following the Self-Assessment Scheme (SAS). The revised tax rates were seamlessly incorporated into the MCC's property tax software on March 21.

The objective of the MCC's updated property tax rates is to achieve a harmonious balance between generating revenue for the city's development and ensuring that property owners are not subjected to excessive burdens.

Significance of Property Tax

Mangalore Property Tax is a fundamental revenue source for municipal corporations, enabling funding for civic amenities and development projects. The tax amount is determined based on a property's assessed value and classification (residential, commercial, etc.). 

How Property Tax is Calculated in Mangalore

Property tax calculation in Mangalore follows the Self-Assessment Scheme (SAS), allowing property owners to assess their tax liability. It involves evaluating location, size, age, and usage to determine the property's annual value. This value is then subject to applicable tax rates the MCC sets to arrive at the final property tax amount.

Utilising the Property Tax Calculator Mangalore

The Mangaluru City Corporation provides a user-friendly property tax calculator to simplify the calculation process on its official website. Property owners can input their details, and the calculator will instantly compute the tax amount. This tool ensures accuracy and helps with effective tax planning and budgeting.

For any inquiries or concerns regarding property tax, property owners in Mangalore can contact the following helpdesk:


Phone: +91-6364464116 (Timings: 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM)

Suppose the provided helpdesk contacts cannot resolve your question or issue within three working days, don't hesitate to get in touch with the MCC office at the following address:

Mangalore City Corporation

MG Road, Lalbagh, Mangalore, Karnataka 575003

The Final Word on Mangalore Property Tax

Understanding property tax and its recent revision is crucial for financial planning and contributing to the city's growth. MCC's Self-Assessment Scheme (SAS) offers a transparent approach and the property tax calculator Mangalore aids in accurate assessments. Staying updated on MCC's initiatives ensures compliance with tax regulations and active participation in the city's development.


Q: Why did the Mangaluru City Corporation revise the property tax for 2023-24? 

A: The property tax was revised in response to citizens' complaints and opposition from council members to ensure a fair and balanced taxation system without burdening the residents.

Q: How to calculate property tax in Mangalore?

A: Self-Assessment Scheme (SAS) and the property tax calculator provided on the official MCC’s website will assist you in calculating property tax in Mangalore accurately.

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