Aug 18, 2023

Maharashtra Building Bye Laws: Ensuring Safe and Compliant Constructions

by Godrej Properties Limited



The Maharashtra Government has implemented the Unified Comprehensive Development Control Regulations (UCDCR), also known as Maharashtra Building Bye Laws, to ensure transparency, safety, and uniformity in construction permissions. These regulations replace the older building bye-laws and set standards for residential and commercial properties across the state. 

The Maharashtra Building Bye Laws apply to all individuals, entities, and organisations engaged in construction and development activities within Maharashtra, India. This applies to property developers, builders, architects, engineers, and anyone involved in planning, designing, or constructing buildings and structures. These bye-laws serve as regulatory guidelines that must be adhered to during construction.

Procedure for Obtaining Development Permission / Building Permit / Commencement Certificate

To carry out any development or construction in Maharashtra, individuals must submit a written notice to the planning authority, along with the required fees and documents. The chief officer will inspect and approve the plans within sixty days, failing which the notice shall be deemed sanctioned. A valid commencement certificate, renewed annually, is required to begin the work.

Deviation During Construction

Ensuring compliance with any significant variation from the approved designs during construction requires approval from the chief officer. An updated plan demonstrating the changes must be submitted and treated as per the original plan's process. Unauthorised work outside the approved plans may be considered illegal and subject to penalties.

Completion Certificate

Once the construction gets completed, the owner must provide a building completion certificate to the chief officer, furnished by licensed professionals like surveyors, engineers, architects, and supervisors. This certificate is crucial to signify the successful completion of the project in adherence to the building bye-laws.

Unsafe Buildings and Penalties for Non-Compliance

Maharashtra building bye-laws prioritise public safety, and any potentially hazardous structures must be repaired or dismantled. Violations of the regulations may lead to fines, demolitions, or revocation of licences for professionals involved in the project.

The Role of UCDCR in Uniform Development and Incentives

The Unified Comprehensive Development Control Regulations aim to promote uniform development across Maharashtra while offering specific incentives. These include relaxation in FSI norms, special incentives for parking areas near metro stations, and redeveloping buildings older than 30.

Conclusion: Maharashtra Building Bye Laws Decoded

Maharashtra Building Bye Laws, embodied in the Unified Comprehensive Development Control Regulations (UCDCR), are vital for ensuring the safety, uniformity, and compliance of construction projects in the state. Every step follows a structured process, from obtaining development permission to completing construction and obtaining the necessary certificates. 


Q: What are Maharashtra Building Bye Laws? 

A: Maharashtra Building Bye Laws are regulations established by the Maharashtra Government to ensure the safety, transparency, and uniformity of construction activities in the state. They provide guidelines and standards for both residential and commercial properties.

Q: Who must follow Maharashtra Building Bye Laws? 

A: Maharashtra Building Bye Laws apply to all planning authorities, municipal corporations, councils, and Nagar panchayats within the state. Any individual or organisation planning to undertake construction activities must adhere to these regulations.

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