Lifestyle-related amenities to look for while planning a residential purchase
Jun 21, 2023Homes and People

Lifestyle-related amenities to look for while planning a residential purchase

by Godrej Properties Limited



Lifestyle-related features can transform a simple house into a dynamic and vibrant community. From state-of-the-art gyms to sprawling parks and recreational clubs, this blog explores various amenities you should look out for.

Finding homes with practical lifestyle amenities needs a thoughtful process and research. In cities like Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai, etc., Godrej Properties has several residential projects that cater to these needs. Let’s find out more about the amenities available in these high-end projects.

Lifestyle amenities you’ll need in your residential area

1. Fitness centres and sports facilities

If living an active lifestyle is a priority for you, look for properties that offer gyms with modern exercise equipment. They should also have dedicated spaces for yoga or group fitness activities, and swimming pools for those seeking aquatic workouts.

Tennis, basketball, or squash courts can help sports enthusiasts pursue and follow their passion. For fitness enthusiasts, outdoor gyms are a great means to an active lifestyle. Godrej 24 in Bangalore has a cricket pitch and futsal court to keep you energized while enjoying your favourite sport.

2. Parks and outdoor spaces

Enjoy leisurely strolls, outdoor workouts, and peaceful retreats in communities with well-maintained parks, gardens, and walking trails. With playgrounds and recreational areas, families with children can partake in active play and social interaction.

Properties like Godrej Bliss in Mumbai offer a sundeck with each apartment along with a sky gym and dedicated kids’ play area.

3. Cycling and walking paths

If you enjoy cyclinging or jogging, look for properties like Godrej Habitat in Gurgaon, since it has dedicated cycling and jogging paths. Godrej Hill Retreat in Pune also has a 280-meter elevated skywalk.

4. Wellness and spa centres

For self-care and relaxation, Godrej Ananda in Bangalore offers wellness and spa centres within the community. These amenities include features such as a high-end salon, saunas, steam rooms, massage rooms, and meditation spaces. The project also boasts Zumba and Yoga classes to help you stay fit and in perfect shape.

The final word

These amenities contribute to your physical well-being, provide avenues for socialising and induce a sense of community. So, keep an eye out for them in your home search!\


Frequently asked questions

1.Do lifestyle amenities include rooftop gardens or outdoor terrace areas?

Ans: Yes, properties like Godrej Exquisite in Mumbai have a rooftop barbeque zone while Godrej Palm Retreat in Noida offers themed gardens and pergolas.

2. Do residential apartments offer social gathering places for residents?

Ans: Some properties offer community centres, clubhouses, or multipurpose rooms where residents can organize events, celebrate special occasions, or simply connect with their neighbours.


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