Aug 24, 2023

Circle Rates in Uttar Pradesh: Latest Updates and City-wise Rates

by Godrej Properties Limited



Circle rates play a crucial role in the real estate market, especially in a populous state like Uttar Pradesh (UP). They are the minimum property rates set by the state government and are used to calculate stamp duty and registration charges during property transactions. To purchase a home in Uttar Pradesh at a reasonable cost, a buyer needs to be aware of the circle rate in UP. 

Factors Affecting Circle Rates in Uttar Pradesh

  • Market Value: The market value of the property influences the UP circle rate.
  • Property usage: Compared to commercial property, residential property has a lower circle rate.
  • Amenities around the property: The circle rate is higher in areas with better transportation, hospitals, schools, gyms, parks and shopping centres.
  • Property Location: A property in an urban neighbourhood draws a higher circle rate.

Formula: Calculate the Apartment’s Circle Rate in UP

Circle rate of an apartment= Part of the land ratio x land cost + flat area x building cost + common area x construction cost.

Circle Rate in UP 2023

The circle rates in UP or you can look UP circle rate list for any city on the Stamps and Registration's official website. 

Here are some of Lucknow's most well-known locations: 

Area (circle rate in UP)Rate
Chinhat village to SatrikhRs. 14,000 per sq.m 
Sultanpur road and Shaheed pathRs. 25,000 per sq.m
Sitapur roadRs. 31,000 per sq.m
Mahatma Gandhi MargRs. 76,000 per sq.m
Faizabad roadRs. 36,000 per sq.m

Here are some of Kanpur's most well-known locations

Area (circle rate in UP)Rate
Ashrafabad RoadRs. 13,200
Nai SadakRs. 42,300
GT roadRs, 55,000
Mall roadRs. 66,500
Meston RoadRs 66,500

Here are some of Noida's most well-known locations: 

Area (circle rate in UP)Rate 12m road (sq metre)The rate for 12m-18m (sq metre)The rate for 18m-24m (sq metre)Rate above 24m (sq metre)
Sector 66, 102, 138, 139Rs. 40,000Rs. 42,000Rs. 44,000Rs. 46,000
Sector 115Rs. 44,000Rs. 42,000Rs. 44,000Rs. 50600

Conclusion: Make Informed Decisions 

The recent update regarding stamp duty and PoA brings transparency to property transactions and safeguards the interests of both buyers and the state government. It is essential for prospective buyers to be aware of the prevailing circle rates in their desired locations to make informed decisions and avoid any discrepancies during property transactions.


Q: What do circle rates in UP mean? 

A: The Circle Rate is the lowest property rate below which no real estate transactions are permitted, as determined by the UP government.

Q: How can I check circle rates for all cities?

A: On the Department of Stamps and Registration's official website, you may get the circle rate in Uttar Pradesh for any city, for example, Varanasi circle rate list, circle rate Gorakhpur, etc. 

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