Jun 27, 2023

Is 2023 the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate in India?

by Godrej Properties Limited



For nearly two years, the Indian real estate market has shown fantastic endurance during the pandemic. Even after COVID, the real estate market continued to perform well and is expected to expand further this year. Please explain how 2023 will be the best year for real estate investments in India. 

Assessing India's Economic Landscape for Real Estate Investment in 2023

According to ICRA projections, Indian corporations would fund around Rs. 3.5 trillion (US$ 48 billion) through infrastructure and real estate investment trusts in 2022, representing a significant rise over the cumulative sum of US$ 29 billion raised thus far.

Market Trends and Demand Analysis: Identifying Opportunities in India's Real Estate in 2023

Residential, office, retail, hotel, and industrial properties are all available in the Indian real estate market. Depending on its location, each property kind has a varied market value. Cities with thriving real estate markets include Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Furthermore, towns such as Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Chandigarh are developing as promising real estate challengers.

Understanding Legal and Policy Framework

The residential real estate market in India is predicted to rise positively in 2023, with a capital value increase of more than 6%. For example, reduced premium charges and stamp duty will assist significantly in this increase, notably in the mid-income housing market. Industry stakeholders have applauded the provision of Rs. 48,000 crores for the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) and the identification of approximately 80 lakh households under the affordable housing scheme in the Central Budget 2022-22. This year, favorable policies are expected, further stimulating projects and investments.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation Techniques

In FY-2023, there are several prospects for profitable financial gains in the Indian real estate market. However, certain actions must be taken in order to prepare for real estate investment:

Estimate Affordability

Assess your financial capacity to acquire a property by considering factors such as mortgage payments, downpayment requirements, estimated rental income, price-to-income ratio, price-to-rent ratio, capitalization rate, and the overall bottom line. The mid-income housing sector is witnessing consistent growth across cities.

Set Property Selection Criteria

Define your investment objectives and create a list of desired features for the type of project you intend to consider. Factors like construction quality, reputable contractors, location, and market price evolution are common criteria to evaluate. Additionally, decide whether you prefer land investment, commercial or residential real estate, as new supply and launches are meeting demands at a rapid pace.

Evaluate Expected ROI

Calculate the real estate return on investment (ROI) by comparing your total investment in the property, including purchase price and additional costs, with its current value. The ROI can be determined using methods such as the cost method, which divides the home equity by the property's costs, or the out-of-pocket method, which divides the current equity by the market value.

Background Check & Due Diligence

Investigate the builder thoroughly to make sure they have the required local authority approvals. Learn about local tax rules and regulations in the area before making a home purchase. Examine all the papers and confirm that the building or project is registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). Verify that the builder has the necessary Commencement Certificate (CC) and Occupation Certificate (OC) for projects that are ready to move into.



1. What is the future of real estate in India in 2023?

The future of real estate in India in 2023 seems quite promising. The real estate industry in the country has witnessed steady growth and favourable policies that are driving the sector towards a better future of real estate in India, capital value growth, and better investments.

2. Will real estate prices go down in 2023 in India?

Although it is difficult to predict with certainty, with given the positive market trends, demand, and growth projections, real estate prices in India are not expected to decline in 2023. 

3. Is it a good time to buy a house in India in 2023?

2023 seems to be a great time to buy a house or invest in land in India. Considering the anticipated capital value growth, favourable policies, increased affordability in the mid-income housing sector, and reduced premium charges and stamp duty, this year can prove to be quite fruitful for homebuyers. 

4. What will Indian real estate be in 2030?

Indian real estate in 2030 is expected to witness further growth, driven by evolving market dynamics, urbanization, infrastructure development, and increased demand for residential and commercial property investment, offering opportunities for investors.

5. Is it a good time to invest in real estate in India?

Yes, this is a good time to invest in real estate in India, considering the real estate trends in India, like positive market outlook, opportunities for capital gains, favourable policies, and the potential for value appreciation in the long run. However, thorough research, due diligence, and risk analysis are crucial before making any investment decisions.

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