Aug 29, 2023

Significance of Bhulekh in India for Innovative Land Record Management

by Godrej Properties Limited



"Bulekh" refers to a land record document or digital land record system used in India, particularly in states like Uttar Pradesh, to maintain and verify property ownership and related details. It is an official record containing information about landowners, property dimensions, rights, and other relevant data.

The implementation of Bhulekh has resulted in an innovative land record management system. The land records process now offers unprecedented transparency, accessibility, and efficiency.

Understanding Bhulekh

Bhumi Bhulekh has substituted the old and outdated paper-based land documentation system. It acts as a comprehensive database for data on land, including information on property ownership, survey numbers, land acreage, and categorisation. Property owners, buyers, and government agencies have quick access to crucial land records.

The Importance of BhuLekh in India

Digital Empowerment and Accessibility

Since Bhulekh is digital, it makes public access to land records simple. Property owners can get their land records with only a few clicks, removing the need for in-person visits to government offices. Bhulekh Online has streamlined the entire procedure. It is particularly beneficial to the landowners in rural areas for whom going to government offices was not accessible due to geographic hurdles.

Transparency and Verification

For real estate buyers, Bhulekh is a reliable resource for confirming the legitimacy and ownership of a property. To reduce the danger of property disputes and fraud during transactions, the Bhulekh portal offers precise and reliable land records. This transparency gives Buyers trust, which guarantees they can make wise investment selections.

Simplified Land Transactions

Bhulekh has streamlined the land registration process, making it more efficient and time-saving. Buyers can now conduct due diligence online, eliminating the need for lengthy paperwork and expediting property transactions. Additionally, the digital platform reduces the chances of errors and delays, making property transactions a smoother experience for all parties involved.

Efficient Land Planning and Development

From a government perspective, Bhumi Bhulekh is vital in land planning and development. It aids in identifying available land parcels for infrastructure projects, urban development, and industrial zones, leading to better land utilisation and planned growth. Government authorities can analyse land data on the platform to make informed decisions regarding land allocation and zoning regulations.

Services on the Bhulekh website

Bhulekh website offers the following services:

  • Khasra or Khatauni number
  • Jamabandi (Records of Rights)
  • Copy of Jamabandi (nakal)
  • Fard
  • Check and track mutation of property

Conclusion: Benefits of Bhulekh Decoded

Bhuekh has emerged as a game-changer in the domain of Indian land record management. Its digital presence has paved the way for enhanced transparency, easy accessibility, and streamlined land transactions. Whether you are a property owner seeking to verify your land documents or a potential buyer searching for reliable property information, Bhulekh is the key to unlocking accurate land records with unparalleled ease. 


Q: How to easily change the name in bhulekh?

A: The government has established a quicker and more accessible online process for updating name changes. 

Q: How can the land owner information be viewed on the Bhulekh online portal? 

A: Each state has its own Bhulekh website, but the steps involved may differ.

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