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IGRS Bihar | Property Registration Details and Information

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The Inspector General of Registration and Stamps (IGRS) oversees property registrations in Bihar. IGRS comes under the Bihar government’s Prohibition, Excise, and Registration Department (PERD), also known as the Land Registration Department of Bihar. Below we outline the process to register property in Bihar.

Inspector General of Registration and Stamps (IGRS) Bihar

Functions of IGRS Bihar

The functions of IGRS Bihar encompass several crucial aspects:

  • Property Tax Collection: IGRS Bihar plays a pivotal role in levying taxes on property transactions, ensuring the state government receives the rightful revenue.
  • Revenue Generation: By facilitating property registration and related services, IGRS Bihar contributes significantly to revenue generation for the state.
  • Document Access: Property owners and stakeholders can access and view registered documents conveniently through the IGRS Bihar online portal.

Property Registration with Bihar IGRS

IGRS Bihar’s online portal, also called the Bhumijankari portal, allows you to book an appointment to register your property. However, property owners still need to verify their documents offline by visiting the sub-registrar’s office (SRO). Below is the process to book an appointment online:

  1. Visit IGRS Bihar’s official website and click on the ‘Book Your Appointment’ option.
  2. A redirect link opens for user registration. Existing users can log in directly.
  3. Once registered, book your appointment at your local SRO to physically verify your documents.

On the appointment day, carry all the required original documents to be verified. All parties - buyer, seller, and witnesses, will have a biometric evaluation. Once this is completed, the application will be submitted for further evaluation to the SRO.

Registration charges and Stamp duty in Bihar are levied at 2% and 6% of the property’s market value, respectively, for all property owners. The final amount can be paid online using various options or offline too.

Documents Required for Property Registration in Bihar

The following list of documents should be submitted while registering property in Bihar:

  • Original and copy of the Sale Deed in Bihar
  • Challan or receipt of the registration charges paid
  • Map of the property or plot
  • Originals and copies of Identity proof of all the parties - seller, buyer, and witnesses
  • PAN cards of the buyer and seller

Information Available on IGRS Bihar Portal

The IGRS Bihar portal, Bhumijankari, provides a comprehensive range of land and property-related information. Users can access:

  • Model Deeds: Standardised templates for various property-related agreements.
  • Registration Information: Details related to property and land registration processes.
  • E-Receipts: Conveniently obtain electronic receipts for registered documents directly from the portal.

IGRS Bihar: Market Value Register (MVR) in Bihar

Bihar's Minimum Value Register, often called circle rates, serves as the benchmark value for property transactions within the state. It sets the minimum price at which a property can be legally sold. Property owners can access this crucial information on the IGRS Bihar portal.

Steps to Find MVR (Market Value Register) on IGRS Bihar

Property owners seeking to determine Bihar's stamp duty and registration charges can easily find the Market Value Register on the IGRS Bihar portal by following these steps:

  • Visit the Official Website: Access the Bhumijankari website, the official portal for IGRS Bihar.
  • Select "View MVR": Choose the "View MVR" option on the portal.
  • Enter Details: Provide specific details, including Circle Name, Registration Office, Police Station Code, and Land Type.
  • Retrieve Information: Once all required details are entered, the portal will compile and present the relevant Market Value Register information.

Utilising the IGRS Bihar portal for accessing MVR simplifies the process of calculating stamp duty and registration charges for property transactions, promoting transparency and ease of doing business in the state.

Additional Services Available on IGRS Bihar

Several other services can be availed on the IGRS portal such as

Government Copy of Documents

 This can be accessed by visiting the Bhumijankari portal. Clicking on ‘View Web Copy’ takes you to a redirect link where you can enter details such as the serial number of the document, registration office, and year.  Click on ‘Search Web Copy’ to view the results.

Check Market Value Register

Property buyers or owners can check the MVR of a property on the IGRS portal. This also allows you to calculate the registration and stamp duty charges online as follows:

  • Visit the Bhumijankari portal and select ‘View MVR’
  • A redirect link opens where you can enter details such as the type of land, registration office, circle name, and Thana Code.
  • The calculations based on the entered details will appear on the screen.

To conclude, IGRS provides several property-related services including checking a property’s land registration record in Bihar.

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I check the property registration details of Bihar?

Ans: Visit the IGRS or Bhumijankari portal to check such details.

2. Are there separate registration charges for male and female owners?

Ans: Stamp duty and property registration charges are the same for all property owners, irrespective of gender.

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