Sonipat Property Tax: Instant Online Payment

by Godrej Properties Limited



Every Haryana resident who owns land or property, whether residential or commercial,  is required to pay property tax annually. The process of paying property taxes might seem daunting to some. Individuals who fail to pay their Haryana property tax on time must pay 1.5% monthly interest. This step-by-step guide talks about how to pay property tax in Sonipat, making it a hassle-free experience.

How To Pay Property Tax Online In Sonipat

Step 1: Visit the Official Municipal Website

To begin the process, visit the official website of the Sonipat Municipal Corporation. Look for the property tax payment section or portal on the website's home page.

Step 2: Select Property Tax Payment Option

Once you access the property tax payment section, choose the "Property Tax Payment" option from the available choices. It will direct you to the online tax payment portal.

Step 3: Enter Property Details

On the tax payment portal, you must enter essential details about your property, such as the property identification number (PID) or the unique property code.

Step 4: Verify Property Tax Amount

After entering the property details, the portal will display the outstanding property tax amount, including any applicable penalties or discounts.

Step 5: Select Payment Mode

Choose your preferred payment mode from the available options. You can pay property tax online in Sonipat using net banking, a credit card, a debit card, or any other digital payment method.

Step 6: Make the Payment

Follow the instructions provided on the payment gateway to complete the transaction securely. Once the payment is successful, you will receive an electronic receipt for your records.

Offline Property Tax Payment In Sonipat

Step 1: Visit the Designated Payment Center

If you prefer to pay property tax offline, visit the nearest designated payment center of the Sonipat Municipal Corporation.

Step 2: Obtain the Challan Form

Collect the property tax payment challan form from the payment center and fill in the required details, including your property information and outstanding tax amount.

Step 3: Submit the Challan and Payment

Submit the filled-in challan form and the appropriate payment to the designated counter. The counter staff will provide you with a receipt as payment proof.

Streamlined Civic Duty: Concluding Insights

Paying property tax in Sonipat is a straightforward process, be it online or offline. With just a few clicks or a visit to the designated payment center, you can complete your Municipal Corporation Sonipat property tax online payment, positively impacting your city's welfare.


Q: Can I pay property tax offline in Sonipat?

A: Yes, you can pay property tax offline by visiting the nearest designated payment center of the Sonipat Municipal Corporation and submitting the payment along with the necessary details.

Q: What happens if I pay property tax after the due date?

A: If you pay property tax after the due date, you will be charged an interest rate of 1.5% per month on the outstanding amount. It is essential to pay the tax on time.

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