Aug 23, 2023

Ultimate Guide: Paying Property Tax in Mangalore | Step-by-Step Process and Tips

by Godrej Properties Limited



Property tax is an essential civic duty that property owners in Mangalore, and everywhere, must fulfil. If you own Property In Mangalore, it's crucial to understand how to pay property tax correctly and on time. This guide aims to walk you through the step-by-step process of how to pay property tax in Mangalore

How to Pay Property Tax in Mangalore

Step 1: Assessment of Property

Before you pay property tax in Mangalore, your property must be assessed for its tax value. The Mangalore City Corporation is responsible for this assessment, which is conducted periodically. The tax is calculated based on the property's location, size, type, and usage.

Step 2: Obtain Your Property Tax Assessment Number

Once your property is assessed, you will be assigned a unique Property Tax Assessment Number. This number is essential for all future correspondence and transactions related to your property tax payment. Keep this number handy as you proceed with the payment.

Step 3: Choose the Payment Method

Mangalore City Corporation offers various convenient methods to pay property tax:

a) Online Payment: Explore Mangalore City Corporation's official website and locate the property tax payment section. Input your Property Tax Assessment Number and other necessary information. Opt for your desired payment method, including credit/debit card, net banking, or mobile wallet.
b) Offline Payment: You can pay your property tax offline at designated offices or banks. Visit the nearest Mangalore City Corporation office or an authorised bank, fill out the property tax payment form with accurate details, and submit it along with the applicable tax amount. Ensure you collect the receipt as proof of payment.

Step 4: Check for Rebates and Discounts

The Mangalore City Corporation may offer early or timely property tax payment incentives. Check the website or inquire at the office for any available rebates or discounts. Availing these benefits can help you save money on your property tax.

Property owners in Mangalore can contact the following helpline for property tax related queries or concerns. 

Email: Telephone: 91-6364464116 (Hours: 9.00-17.00)

Insightful Conclusions

Paying property tax in Mangalore is a straightforward process that involves property assessment, obtaining your Property Tax Assessment Number, selecting a payment method, and, if applicable, taking advantage of any available rebates or discounts. By promptly fulfilling your property tax obligation, you contribute to improving the city's infrastructure and services.


Frequently asked questions

1: When is the deadline for paying property tax in Mangalore?

Answer: The deadline for property tax payment in Mangalore is typically announced at the beginning of the financial year. It's advisable to check the official website of the Mangalore City Corporation or visit their office to know the exact deadline.

2: Can I pay property tax in Mangalore without the Property Tax Assessment Number?

Answer: No, the Property Tax Assessment Number is mandatory for property tax payments in Mangalore. It is a unique identifier for your property; without it, the payment process cannot proceed. Make sure to obtain this number before attempting to pay your property tax.

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