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How to Check PLRS Punjab Land Records Online

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Punjab Land Records Online on PLRS Portal Guide

The Punjab government has been organising land records into an online registry called the Punjab Land Records Society or PLRS. Using this portal, residents of the state can verify land ownership, PLRS fard, and the type of land. Below is an outline of how to check Punjab land records online and other services available on PLRS or Jamabandi in Punjab. 

In India, the measurement of land varies from region to region, often utilising distinct units such as Bigha, Biswa, Marla, Kanal, Kattha, and others in the country's northern parts. Meanwhile, the southern regions employ units like Ground, Cent, Ankanam, and Guntha. Standard land measurement units in eastern states like West Bengal, Assam, and Tripura include Chatak, Dhur, Kattha, and Lecha.

Punjab Land Records Society

Punjab Land Record Online Check: Understanding Punjab PLRS

The Punjab Land Records Society (PLRS) is a digital platform established by the Punjab government to facilitate easy access to land-related information for the state's residents. PLRS Punjab land record aims to enhance transparency and efficiency in land record management, ensuring that property owners and potential buyers can easily verify land ownership and other essential details. 

Understanding Land Measurement Units and Conversions

While the local measurement systems in India are prevalent, standard land measurement units such as Square Feet, Acres, Square Yards (also known as Gaj), and Square Meters are increasingly becoming universal. For example, in the case of residential houses, the area is usually provided in square feet, while agricultural land is typically measured in acres or hectares. Calculating land area requires determining the length and width of the available land, and conversions between different units can be easily accomplished using conversion tables. 

What is Fard or Jamabandi?

In Punjab, the native term for landowner’s property documents or proof of ownership is Jamabandi. This is similar to a homebuyer’s sale agreement. Collectively, the various documents that show title ownership are referred to as Fard. For the Punjab Fard online check, use details such as the owner’s name and location, Khatauni number, Khewat Number, and Khasra number. 

Details Required to Check Fard Land Records Online

Checking Fard land records online can be crucial for anyone involved in real estate transactions. Here are the key details you need to have to access these records effectively:

  • Khasra Number: This number represents the unique survey number assigned to a specific plot of land. It serves as an essential identifier in land records.
  • Khatauni Number: Khatauni number is an identification number given to cultivators of land, typically linked to a Khasra Number. It helps in tracking land ownership and cultivation details.
  • Khata Number and Khewat Number: Khata and Khewat numbers are used to identify further and categorise land information. They provide additional details about land parcels and their respective owners.

Steps to Check Land Records on PLRS Punjab

  1. Visit the official PLRS Punjab portal and select ‘FARD’ on the PLRS homepage.
  2. You will be redirected to another webpage where you can enter details such as District, Tehsil, Village, and Year. Then click ‘Set Region.’
  3. Next, you will see a screen with various options. Select ‘Jamabandi’
  4. View details based on the Khasra number, Khewat Number, or owner’s name. Accordingly, enter the details and select ‘View Owner Relation’ to view the details.
  5. Click on ‘Online Request for the ‘Fard’ to generate a copy of the PLRS Punjab land record.

Note that all land records or Jamabandi can also be verified offline or obtained at the local Fard Kendra. 

Additional Services Available on PLRS Fard Jamabandi Punjab Online

Avail several other property-related services on the PLRS or Jamabandi portal, such as 

  • Check Bhu-Naksha or a map of a particular plot or property
  • Nakal or online verification of documents
  • Check current or past court cases concerning land disputes on a particular plot or property.
  • Check details regarding mutation or status of mutation of a plot or property.
  • Apply for correction of details in land records by using the ‘Correct and Record’ option on the official website.
  • View property tax details online to verify if all pending dues on a plot or property have been paid.
  • Check details of the registry deed based on registration number and date, owner or seller’s name, and Khewat number.
  • Check circle rates or collector rates in various districts of the state to determine the appropriate price of a land parcel or property.

Finally, the PLRS Punjab portal has been designed with the aim of providing the residents with easy online access to land records or fard as well as property-related information and services.

Frequently asked questions

1.Is online fard Punjab accessible via mobile?

Ans: After you download the PLRS app from the Google Play store, you can check Punjab land records on your mobile too.

2.What details are needed to check land records online in Punjab?

Ans: In Punjab, land records can be checked based on the owner’s name, khasra number, khewat number, or khatauni number.

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