Jun 13, 2023

How to Check Land Records in Uttar Pradesh?

by Godrej Properties Limited



The Uttar Pradesh government has been on a mission to digitise the state’s land records. Land holdings across the state have been verified. Details such as plot size and shape, owner’s details, location, etc. have been checked. All this information has been compiled and made accessible to the public via an online portal called UP Bhulekh. Continue reading to understand how to check UP land records on this portal.

Steps to Check Land Records on UP Bhulekh

  1. Visit the official website of the Revenue Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh called ‘Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh’.
  2. The website’s homepage displays a map of the state. Choose the appropriate district, tehsil, and village where the plot is located.
  3. Next, search for the relevant UP land record by name of the land owner, Khasra (land parcel) number, or Khatauni (land record) number. For example: if you have the UP Khasra number of the land, enter it in the provided field and click ‘Search’.
  4. Based on the details entered, the website will display the relevant land records details such as the owner's name, Khasra number, area, land type, and other related information. You can print or download the information.

It is advisable to verify the information on land records in Uttar Pradesh by contacting the local authorities or the Revenu Department directly.

Additional Services Available on UP Bhulekh Portal

The UP Bhulekh portal can also be accessed to avail of many other services such as:

  • Check current and past landowners of a plot.
  • Check the Khasra or plot number, and Khata. Khasra provides additional information such as existing liability or mortgage attached to a plot.
  • Find the Khatauni code for a village or tehsil.
  • Download the Khatauni documents pertaining to the plot, type of plot, and seller.
  • Download a certified copy of the Khatauni Nakal.
  • Land holdings in UP can be sub-divided among a number of parties. Check the portal to verify the division of land among multiple shareholders and confirm an individual shareholder’s share.
  • Check disputed, vacant, and enemy properties.
  • Check the Bhunaksha or map of a particular plot of land. This shows details such as exact boundaries as well as the type of land, whether it is agricultural or non-agricultural land.

The UP Bhulekh website is a well-designed portal that provides several details about land holdings in Uttar Pradesh. It aims to provide transparency in land records and quick services to all, especially those looking to invest in property in the state.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are UP land records accessible via mobile?

Ans: Currently no official mobile app is available to check land records in UP. Check the UP Bhulekh portal or visit the local tehsil office.

2.Where can I register a complaint about land records in UP?

Ans: The UP Bhulekh portal has provided an email and a helpline number for additional queries and complaints. Alternatively, you can also visit the local authorities or the Revenue Department.

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