Economic Surveys: A Boon for Home Buyers

by Godrej Properties Limited



The Economic Survey 2022–23 conducted by the government highlights the significant progress in enhancing access to quality housing in India, particularly for the low-income group (LIG) segment. This survey, presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, sheds light on the positive trends in housing accessibility and the equitable distribution of housing facilities between the LIG and high-income group (HIG) segments.  Economic surveys benefit home buyers by helping them understand and leverage the insights to make informed decisions when purchasing their dream homes.

Advantages Of Economic Surveys For Home Buyers

1. Access to Quality Housing

Economic surveys benefit home buyers by providing valuable data on the availability and accessibility of quality housing for various income groups. It enables homebuyers to identify suitable housing options that meet their requirements and budget.

2. Equity in Housing Access

The survey shows that efforts to improve housing access have resulted in enhanced equity among income groups. For homebuyers in the LIG segment, this means a better chance of finding affordable housing options with improved amenities and facilities.

3. Bare Necessities Index (BNI) Insights

The BNI in economic surveys offers an ultimate view of the progress in necessities such as kitchens, kitchens with running water, good ventilation of houses, access to bathrooms, electricity use, and the type of fuel used for cooking.

4. Progress in Drinking Water and Sanitation

Economic surveys highlight improved access to drinking water and sanitation facilities in rural and urban areas. It helps the buyers understand the level of access to safe sanitation and drinking water. 

5. Reduction in Regional Disparities

The surveys highlight the reduction of regional disparities in access to sanitation and housing. This information can guide homebuyers towards areas with significant progress in infrastructure development, making them a favorable choice for investment in real estate.

6. Micro-Environment Assessment

Economic surveys assess the micro-environment in different states, providing insights into the overall living conditions and facilities available to residents. Homebuyers can use this data to determine the suitability of a location.

7. Improvements in Other Facilities

Apart from housing, economic surveys also highlight improvements in other facilities, including kitchens with water taps, good ventilation, access to bathrooms, electricity usage, and cooking fuel. 

Conclusion: Unlocking Economic Survey Benefits

Economic surveys serve as a valuable resource for home buyers, offering critical insights into the progress in housing accessibility and overall living conditions. Whether it's assessing the equity in housing access or understanding the amenities available, economic surveys help home buyers make wise choices and secure their dream homes.


Q: What factors should home buyers consider while choosing a location based on the survey data?

A: Home buyers should consider access to drinking water, sanitation facilities, electricity, kitchen amenities, and ventilation. These aspects play an essential role in ensuring comfortable living conditions.

Q: What does the survey reveal about housing accessibility for low-income groups?

A: The survey highlights that access to quality housing has improved for India's low-income group (LIG) segment. It shows that efforts have been made to enhance equity in housing access between the LIG and high-income group (HIG) segments.

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