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Here is why Kandivali Should be Your Next Home Buying Destination

by Godrej Properties Limited



Owning property in this day and age has become an essential part of life. Basis research conducted on the leading online housing sites, on an average, in more reasonable areas of the city, to rent a 1BHK apartment, an individual would spend somewhere between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 35,000. When one calculates the minimum cost of rent, it comes up to the individual having to spend a minimum of Rs. 1.8Lakhs. To put this into perspective, the average Indian earns somewhere between Rs. 2Lakhs - Rs. 2.5Lakhs with an entry-level job. Hence, buying a property is a more lasting solution to your housing needs.

In 2018, the Government of India conducted it’s first-ever, ‘Ease Of Living’ Index and Mumbai was rated as the 3rd most desired place to live in due to the amount of opportunity that comes with living in the city. While Mumbai may be one of the top cities to live in, it is also more owner-friendly than not. The western line is one of the most prominent locales of the city, and living here is not just a convenient option travel-wise, but also

Below is a list of reasons why investing in Kandivali is a good idea.

1) Close To Commercial Hubs

Kandivali, strategically located near major malls like Inorbit and Hyper City. With the Western Express Highway on the East, SV Road and the Link Road on the West and the Western Railway Line close by, commuting from Point A to Point B is both comfortable and quick. There is also a proposed coastal road which will potentially cut down the travel time to areas like Nariman point and Lower Parel by half.

2) Educational Institutions

The education of their children will always be one of the biggest priorities for an individual. Major schools such as Cambridge School, St. Lawrence Academy, St. Joseph High School, Oxford Public School, Ryan International School, and Thakur College are quite easily accessible from Kandivali.

3) Close to several Recreational Facilities

With socialising being a significant part of the life of an individual, staying in a location which is close to several recreational facilities is always important. Kandivali is known for a large number of recreational facilities, located within its limits. It also has several movie theatres and even an impressive range of pubs.

4) Budget-Friendly Properties

The great thing about buying a home in Kandivali right now is that the Kandivali is currently up-and-coming rather than an already established area. Being upcoming means that the property value is cheaper, to begin with, and will rise as time goes on. There is also a lower risk involved in buying property in Kandivali as you are almost assured to be getting good returns, with the rental value as well as property sale value. 

5) Easy Accessibility

Borivali is a central station of the city, where all the local trains and most of the Central Railway trains take a halt. Kandivali is adjacent to Borivali, which makes it super-accessible by rail as well. The construction of the metro rail in Mumbai is underway, and Kandivali Metro Station will be one of the prime stops on this line.

6) Industrial Hub

The days of South Bombay being the central area for various industries are now long gone with North Mumbai slowly becoming the home to more and more significant companies by the day. A large number of major companies such as Akurli Industrial Estate, Kandivali (Charkop) Industrial Estate, Gundecha Industrial Estate, Balaji Industrial Estate, and Jai Bonanza Industrial Estate have led in these areas, and hence there are a large number of excellent employment opportunities present in Kandivali.

Since the home is where the heart is, investing in a house must be a smart decision, while also taking into consideration the feel of the home and the quality of construction. It is always a great idea to go for a property which is constructed by a reliable builder, equipped with modern amenities, and also fits into your budget. Happy homing!

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