Understanding Land Measurement Conversions: Hectare to Bigha
May 23, 2024Homes and People

Understanding Land Measurement Conversions: Hectare to Bigha

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What is a Bigha?

Bigha is a traditional unit of measuring land in India. However, the exact measurement may vary region by region. But on average, a bigha is about one-third of an acre in size, which is roughly around 1,600 to 2,500 square metres. In a general sense, people mostly use bighas in rural areas to measure land for farming, selling, buying, and other purposes. So, it's like a special unit they use to figure out how much land they have. 

What is a Hectare?

A hectare is a big unit used to measure land, like distance in kilometres. It's a metric unit, so it's used in many countries. Consider a hectare a big plot of land - about 10,000 square meters in size. People often use hectares to talk about really large areas of land, like farms or big parks. It's helpful because it's a standard way to measure land all over the world. 

Convert Bigha to Hectare and Convert Hectare to Bigha

Understanding the conversion from bigha to hectare and hectare to bigha will help you understand the measurement of a plot you are about to purchase. Although these conversions may vary from region to region in India, 1 hectare is equal to 3.99 bigha approx.

Here are Hectare to Bigha Conversions: 

1 Hectare to Bigha3.987
2 Hectare to Bigha7.973
3 Hectare to Bigha11.96
4 Hectare to Bigha15.947
5 Hectare to Bigha19.933
6 Hectare to Bigha23.92
7 Hectare to Bigha27.906
8 Hectare to Bigha31.893
9 Hectare to Bigha35.88
10 Hectare to Bigha39.866

Here are Bigh to Hectare Conversions: 

1 Bigha to Hectare0.253
2 Bigha to Hectare0.506
3 Bigha to Hectare0.759
4 Bigha to Hectare1.012
5 Bigha to Hectare1.264
6 Bigha to Hectare1.517
7 Bigha to Hectare1.77
8 Bigha to Hectare2.023
9 Bigha to Hectare2.276
10 Bigha to Hectare2.529

Difference between Hectare and Bigha

Metric unit of area measurement.The traditional unit of land measurement in India.
Equal to 10,000 square meters or 2.47 acres.The size of a bigha varies regionally and can differ from state to state or even within states, but roughly, it could be around 1, 600 to 2, 500 square metres.
Widely used internationally and in many countries, including India.It is not a standardised unit and can vary significantly depending on the region.
Provides a standardised measurement for large land areas.It may be used in rural or agricultural contexts, especially in areas where traditional land measurement systems are still prevalent.

The conversion of hectares into bigha may vary from region to region, and specific regional conversion factors may be used. If you are buying property, ensure that you are well aware of all units of measurement of land parcels to make an informed decision. As far as conversions are concerned, you can try the online hectare to bigha calculators to obtain the most accurate conversions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I convert Hectare to Bighas for land transactions?

A: One hectare is equal to 3.986634 bighas, to be exact. You can either do your calculations or use an online hectare-to-bigha calculator.

Q: Can I use online converters for Hectare to  Bigha conversions?

A: Yes. You can make use of the hectare-to-bigha converters that are available online.