Jun 30, 2023

RERA Karnataka | Key Functions and Provisions

by Godrej Properties Limited



Buying a property is a complex process, irrespective of the fact it is Delhi or Karnataka or any other city for that matter. There is a lot to be aware of so that a well-informed decision can be taken. Of many essential aspects that a property purchase involves, one is RERA.

The post focuses on RERA Karnataka. Today, the capital city of Bangalore is one of the highly sought-after destinations for property buying due to its robust infrastructure, booming IT sector, and overall good liveability index.

Now, let’s explore the RERA Act in Karnataka. 

What is RERA Act?

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Act is a legal framework in India that aims to protect homebuyers' interests and regulate the real estate sector. It establishes guidelines for real estate developers, promotes transparency in property transactions, and provides a mechanism for dispute resolution, ensuring fair practices and accountability in the industry. 

RERA Karnataka: Key Functions and Services Provided

RERA Karnataka, the state-specific implementation of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act, serves as a regulatory body for the real estate sector in Karnataka, India. Key functions under the Karnataka RERA Act include registering real estate projects, ensuring compliance with rules and regulations, protecting buyers' interests, resolving disputes, and promoting transparency and accountability in the real estate industry through its comprehensive set of services. One can find more information on the official RERA website for Karnataka. 

Advantages to Homebuyers in Karnataka Through RERA

Homebuyers in Karnataka enjoy several benefits through RERA. These include increased transparency in property transactions, protection against unfair practices, access to accurate project information, timely delivery of projects, and a reliable grievance redressal mechanism, ensuring a secure and satisfactory homebuying experience. 

RERA Karnataka Registration: Online Process

The online registration process for RERA Karnataka enables real estate developers to conveniently register their projects. It involves submitting necessary documents, project details, and fees through the official RERA portal. This digital process streamlines registration ensures transparency, and facilitates efficient compliance with regulatory requirements.

Documents Required to Register in RERA Karnataka

To register a project under RERA Karnataka, developers must provide certain documents, including title deeds, approved layout plans, commencement certificates, land ownership documents, development agreements, and details of encumbrances. Additional documents like project-related financial statements, building plans, and information about the promoter are also required for successful registration.

RERA Karnataka: Project Registration Charges

The project registration charges under RERA Karnataka vary based on the size and type of the project. The fees are calculated per square meter or square foot of the total project area. It is essential for developers to check the official RERA Karnataka website or contact the regulatory authority to determine the exact registration charges applicable to their specific project.

Registering a Complaint on the Karnataka RERA Website

Registering a complaint on the Karnataka RERA website is a straightforward process. Visit the official website, fill in the required details, and provide relevant documents to support your complaint. Provide accurate information about the project, parties involved, and the nature of the complaint. The website will guide you through the necessary steps to register and track your RERA complaint in Karnataka.



How can I check my Karnataka RERA status?

To check your RERA Karnataka Project status, visit the official Karnataka RERA website and navigate to the "Project Status" or "Track Application" section. Enter the required details, such as the project name or registration number, to access the status of your project.

Is RERA mandatory in Karnataka?

Yes, RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) is mandatory in Karnataka. It is a legal requirement for all real estate projects to be registered under RERA for transparency, accountability, and buyer protection.

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