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BBMP Property Tax in Bangalore|Computation and Payment

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In India, the State Government collects Property Tax, which is further utilised by municipal corporations for various civic services such as sewer systems and maintenance of roads. Property owners in Bangalore also need to pay Property Tax, officially called the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) tax.

BBMP Property Tax in Bangalore

BBMP Property Tax

BBMP Property Tax payment can be done on an annual/bi-annual basis. This direct tax is levied by the State Government of Karnataka and is calculated on the basis of the Unit Area Value System. The Property Tax in Bangalore has been categorised into eight value zones, with a set algorithm to calculate the tax. BBMP Property Tax payment can be done both online as well as offline.

Property Tax Rate in Bangalore

Here is the property tax rate in Bangalore for tenanted and self-occupied properties, categorised by zones:

ZoneTenanted (per sq. ft.)Self-occupied (per sq. ft.)
ARs. 5Rs. 2.50
BRs. 4Rs. 2
CRs. 3.60Rs. 1.80
DRs. 3.20Rs. 1.60
ERs. 2.40Rs. 1.20
FRs. 2Rs. 1

Computation of Property Tax

The property tax (K) in Bangalore is calculated using the following formula:

Property tax (K) = (Gross Unit Area Value (G) – I) * 20% + Cess (24% of property tax)


G = Gross unit area value, calculated as (X + Y + Z)

I = (G * H) / 100

X = Tenanted area of property x Per sq. ft. rate of property x 10 months

Y = Self-occupied area of property x Per sq. ft. rate of property x 10 months

Z = Vehicle parking area x Per sq. ft. rate of vehicle parking area x 10 months

H = Percentage of depreciation rate, based on the age of the property

In essence, property tax is equal to 20% of the total area of the property (tenanted, self-occupied, and vehicle parking area) multiplied by the per sq. ft. rate set by BBMP for each type of property use for 10 months, adjusted for depreciation, plus 24% cess on the property tax.

The Process to Pay BBMP Property Tax:

As a property owner, you can pay the BBMP Tax by any of the two modes. Let us look at the two ways to make the BBMP Property Tax payment.

BBMP Property Tax Online Payment:

Designed in a simple and well-illustrated way, the official website makes it very simple to make BBMP tax online payments. Keep your Property Tax details, previous tax receipts, and registered mobile handy, and follow the steps given below:

1. Visit the BBMP Government website. You can visit either of these two websites:

2. Enter your 10-digit property ID, the site ID, and your personal details as asked.

3. As instructed, fill in your email and mobile number. Accept the terms and conditions by ticking the box and then click on “Submit” and validate with OTP.

4. The outstanding BBMP Tax will be displayed on your screen.

5. Go to the payment section, choose any of the given BBMP Property Tax payment modes, and complete the payment for online property tax in Bangalore.

6. Download the receipt once the payment is complete.

BBMP Property Tax Offline Payment:

If you wish to make the BBMP Property Tax payment offline, you will have to visit the nearest ARO office or Bangalore 1 Centre, fill in the required forms, and make the payment. The government has also authorised a few nationalised banks, where the tax payment can be made through a debit/credit card or a demand draft.

BBMP Property Tax Forms

You may need to fill out specific forms based on your property's details for property tax payments. Here are the applicable forms:

Form 1Property with Property Identification Number
Form 2Property with Khata number
Form 3A property without PID or Khata number
Form 4No change in property details
Form 5Change in property status
Form 6Payment of service charge for exemptions

The final word

If you are a property owner in Bangalore, make sure you pay the BBMP Tax timely. You will not only save yourself from legal trouble but also enjoy a rebate when you clear your dues before the deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the latest news on BBMP Property Tax?

 Ans: The latest news includes:

  • The Karnataka Government plans to increase the Property Tax for about 25 lakh owners.
  • The tax rebate, a 5% refund if the house tax is paid before the due date, may be extended till June.

2. What are the BBMP Tax payment zones?

 Ans: The 8 zones are:

  • East
  • West
  • South
  • Yelahanka
  • Rajarajeshawri Nagar
  • Mahadevapura
  • Bommanahalli
  • Dasarahalli
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