Aug 24, 2023

How to Apply for Encumbrance Certificate in Andhra Pradesh

by Godrej Properties Limited



An Encumbrance Certificate (EC) is a necessary document required for property registration in Andhra Pradesh. It provides essential information about any transactions related to the property for a specified period, such as sales, gifts, or loans. This legal document is a testament to a property's clear status, confirming that it is free from financial or legal liabilities. It aids in building trust and confidence among buyers and sellers. 

This certificate gets issued by the local sub- registrar's office where the property is located. Let's explore the process of obtaining an Encumbrance Certificate in Andhra Pradesh through the online method.

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining Encumbrance Certificate AP Online

Follow the steps below to apply for an encumbrance certificate Ap online:

  • Visit
  • Select 'Encumbrance Search (EC) from the right-side service menu.'
  • Read and acknowledge the disclaimer, then click 'Submit.'
  • Provide the required details on the new redirected page, such as the document number or year of document registration, house number or apartment name, and survey number. Also, select the appropriate district and sub-registrar's office options.
  • The encumbrance certificate AP  will get displayed on the screen.

In some states, getting an encumbrance certificate entails submitting Form No. 22 and mailing the requisite documentation to the sub-registrar's office, along with information on the duration for which the encumbrance certificate is needed.

Fee and Charges

The fee for conducting a search and issuing the encumbrance certificate in Andhra Pradesh for up to 30 years is INR 200 per certificate. For a period exceeding 30 years, the fee charged is INR 500.

Checking Market Value Online

Applicants can check the market value of agricultural and non-agricultural properties through the Andhra Pradesh Land and Property Registry Official portal. Here's a step-by-step guide for the online market rate check:

  • Visit the website of the Registration and Stamps Department of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Choose the 'Market Value' option available on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Enter all the required details, such as the property type, village, Mandal, and district. Then, click 'Submit.'
  • The market value results get displayed on your screen.

Conclusion: Simplifying Property Transactions With an Encumbrance Certificate

Obtaining an encumbrance certificate is a critical step in property transactions in Andhra Pradesh. This certificate is acquired from the local sub-registrar office and holds significant value in the real estate landscape of Andhra Pradesh. The online process has made it more convenient for individuals to access this essential document and check property market values easily. Property buyers and sellers can experience a hassle-free and legally compliant transaction process by following the simple steps outlined above.


Q: What is an encumbrance certificate, and why is it essential?

A: An encumbrance certificate is a document that outlines all registered transactions on a property within a specified time frame. It is essential for property registration as it verifies the property's ownership and ensures it is free from legal liabilities or encumbrances.

Q: What documents are needed to apply for an Encumbrance Certificate?

A: To apply for an EC, you will need the title deed, sale deed, registration document number, address proof, property details, survey number, and property registration document.

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