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Godrej Properties in Mamurdi: Ideal Family-Oriented Residential Haven

by Godrej Properties Limited



Godrej Properties in Mamurdi: Ideal Family-Oriented Residential Haven

Mamurdi, a tranquil, eco-conscious neighborhood in Pune, offers a safe haven with lush greenery and expanding infrastructure. Located in this charming locale, Godrej Park Greens, an elegantly designed Godrej residential project, stands as the epitome of quality living. Conveniently located in Mamurdi on Dehu Road in Pune, this residential complex boasts a sprawling 20-acre area, is meticulously maintained to perfection, and encompasses 550 units of top-notch construction.

Exploring Godrej Park Greens: A Glimpse

Godrej residential property in Mamurdi presents an array of credible and reasonably priced housing options in Pune. With prominent developments like Godrej Park Greens, Godrej Forest Grove, and Godrej Serene, Pune's real estate landscape welcomes esteemed builders.

Godrej Park Greens sets the bar high for residential communities, promising an unparalleled quality of life with its exquisite interiors and robust exteriors. Godrej Park Greens, surrounded by renowned tech parks, esteemed educational institutions, premium healthcare facilities, and many shopping, dining, and entertainment hubs, stands out as one of the most sought-after and profitable Godrej properties in Mamurdi.

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Features that Define Godrej Park Greens

Residences at Godrej Park Greens offer three distinct layouts with two configurations to choose from. The 2 BHK flats range from 747 to 763 square feet, while the 3 BHK flats offer generous spaces starting at 948 square feet. These apartments boast top-tier indoor and outdoor amenities, scenic balconies, and well-furnished bathrooms.

Notable features include:

  • Stringent adherence to fire safety regulations, round-the-clock security, and CCTV surveillance
  • Implementation of a rainwater harvesting system for reduced environmental impact
  • All residences are designed in compliance with Vastu principles
  • A vibrant community centre, clubhouse, library, children's playground, fitness centre, and serene swimming pool
  • On-site sports facilities, including basketball, badminton, and tennis courts

The Strategic Location of Godrej Park Greens

Godrej Park Greens offers excellent connectivity with several location-based advantages:

  • The Dehu Railway Station and Bhegade Railway Station bus stops are just 5-8 minutes away.
  • Well-regarded schools like SIP Academy and Urdu Primary School are within a 7-8 minute radius.
  • Prominent healthcare institutions like Cantonment Hospital and Kulkarni Hospital are easily accessible within 3-10 minutes.
  • Convenient access to Begdewadi and Shelarwadi Cabin train stations, each approximately 7 minutes away.

Conclusion: Your Perfect Abode in Mamurdi

Godrej Park Greens in Pune, by Godrej Properties, offers many amenities in its 2 and 3 BHK villas. It invites you to embrace the greener side of life, offering residences sprawling over 6 acres of central greens, in close proximity with nature, and surrounded by 1,100 trees, including 100 fruit-bearing trees in the orchard.  With upcoming industries, IT parks, and emerging infrastructure, Godrej properties in Mamurdi present an enticing prospect for real estate investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the current property rate trend in Mamurdi?

A: As Mamurdi is still in the development phase, property rates remain pretty modest. However, there is substantial potential for appreciation in the future.

Q: Are there any good hospitals near Godrej Park Greens?

A: Cantonment Hospital and Kulkarni Hospital are conveniently located just 3-10 minutes away.


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