Godrej Parkland Estate: Build your Spiritual Dream Home with Plots in Kurukshetra
Aug 16, 2023NCR Real Estate

Godrej Parkland Estate: Build your Spiritual Dream Home with Plots in Kurukshetra

by Godrej Properties Limited



Uncover the gateway to tranquil garden living

Within the sacred city of Kurukshetra, where the echoes of ancient legends harmonize with the promises of the future, lies a sanctuary of serenity and spiritual living – Godrej Parkland Estate. Conceived by Godrej Properties, a name synonymous with excellence and trust, this visionary plotted development offers a seamless fusion of contemporary comforts and lush landscapes. If you are in search of a plot that resonates with your spiritual aspirations, Godrej Parkland Estate is where dreams take root and flourish.

A spiritual oasis

  1. Nestled in the heart of Haryana, Kurukshetra holds profound spiritual significance. Immortalized in the epic Mahabharata, this sacred land has been a beacon of wisdom and valor for millennia.
  2. Today, Kurukshetra stands as a serene oasis, inviting seekers of peace and contentment to embrace its spiritual ambience.

Weaving your dreams

Godrej Parkland Estate extends an invitation to craft the tapestry of your dreams amidst this extraordinary city. Encompassing over 62 acres of lush beauty, this resort-style gated community offers an array of residential plots starting at INR 43 Lakh. Each plot is thoughtfully designed, empowering you to shape your dream home just as you envision.

A symphony of elegance and convenience

Beyond being a mere residential project, Godrej Parkland Estate stands as an ode to elegance and sustainability. Enter a realm where intelligent home features, sustainable practices, and a flourishing community seamlessly intertwine. This is more than just an investment in a plot; it's an investment in a lifestyle that harmonizes nature with modernity.

Embracing a balanced lifestyle

Beyond its luxurious offerings, Godrej Parkland Estate celebrates the harmonious blend of nature and modern living. With enchanting gardens, tree-lined pathways, and captivating landscapes, it establishes an oasis of tranquillity within the bustling city. Whether unwinding at the outdoor gymnasium, discovering inner peace at the serene yoga and meditation deck, or creating cherished moments at the kids play areas or treehouse, this is a place where balance comes to life.

A haven of harmony

At Godrej Parkland Estate, ensuring safety and security takes precedence. This gated township boasts a five-tier security system, providing residents with a worry-free living experience. 

Embrace your spiritual abode

Investing in a plot at Godrej Parkland Estate signifies more than mere land ownership; it involves connecting with the spiritual essence of Kurukshetra. Your investment here fulfils the dream of a tranquil abode and secures a valuable asset for the future.

Enchanting amenities that captivate

Immerse yourself in the seamless fusion of luxury and nature at Godrej Parkland Estate, where captivating gardens awaken your senses and elevate your soul. This secure, gated community offers a worry-free lifestyle, enabling you to craft cherished moments with your loved ones. Wander along shaded walkways, embraced by lush canopies, and discover solace in moments of peaceful reflection. Dive into the mesmerizing Garden of 5 Senses, where captivating fragrances, vibrant colours, and textures embrace your spirit. Embrace a wholesome lifestyle at the outdoor gymnasium, find inner tranquillity at the serene yoga and meditation deck, or forge enduring memories with your children at the kids play areas, treehouse, and picnic spots.

A strategic location

Nestled within Kurukshetra, a city seamlessly blending heritage with innovation, Godrej Parkland Estate resides in Sector 41. This strategic location ensures seamless connectivity to major cities such as Delhi, Mohali, Chandigarh, Panipat, Karnal, and Gurugram. This vibrant neighbourhood not only offers contemporary living amenities but also provides access to esteemed educational institutions, advanced healthcare facilities, and convenient shopping options. Immerse yourself in nature at Tau Devi Lal Park or explore history at Kurukshetra University.

Embrace the Lap of Luxury at Godrej Parkland Estate

Enter a realm where contemporary luxuries harmoniously blend with nature's serene embrace – that's the essence of Godrej Parkland Estate. Immerse yourself in the aesthetics and soul-stirring ambience that these plots in Kurukshetra by Godrej offer. Here, you can celebrate progress, honour heritage, and embody the essence of this legendary land with every cherished moment spent.


Frequently asked questions

1. What are the plot sizes available at Godrej Parkland Estate?

Ans. Godrej Parkland Estate offers a variety of plot sizes ranging from 110 to 180 square yards, catering to diverse preferences.

2. What is the cost of a plot at Godrej Parkland Estate?

Ans. The starting price for plots at Godrej Parkland Estate is INR 43 Lakh.

3. What amenities are provided at Godrej Parkland Estate?

Ans. Godrej Parkland Estate offers an array of amenities, including enchanting gardens, an outdoor gymnasium, a yoga and meditation deck, kids’ play areas, a treehouse, and picnic spots, providing a delightful living experience.

4. Is Godrej Parkland Estate a gated community?

Ans. Godrej Parkland Estate is a gated township with five-tier security, ensuring a safe and secure environment for residents.

5. What is the possession status of plots at Godrej Parkland Estate?

Ans. The possession status of plots at Godrej Parkland Estate varies across the project, commencing from 2025.

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