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Getting More From Your 2 BHK

by Godrej Properties Limited



According to research done by, 2BHK apartments are the most preferred choice of homes in major cities in India. Two-bedroom houses offer the coveted combination of sufficient space and affordability. For young families, a home is only a milestone; it is also an investment that ensures a bright future by providing security and a haven. Effectively utilising the space in a two-bedroom apartment can turn even the most compact space into a warm, comfortable home.

While embarking on the monumental task of setting up a home, use these tips to maximise the space to match your present requirements and plan for your future needs as well.

Plan it right

The essential component of any house is furniture. While you should ensure that it is a reflection of your taste and personality, it should also be functional, proportionate to the space available while being practical. The furniture that you choose should be smart and appropriate in the long run as well. Cramming your rooms with furniture will be counter-productive as a cluttered place isn’t inviting or comfortable. Choose furniture pieces that can multitask. Think of sturdy sofa cum beds and beds with storage as options as they will help you maximise the storage space in your house.

Colour and light it up

The colours of your walls and furniture, natural light, artificial light, and the correct placement of furniture can make even the smallest area look bright and spacious. Let the light flow into your house as it will make your home look open, airy and bright. Use muted tones, light colours and neutral colours to maximise visual space. Instead of opting for different colours in different rooms, use a single neutral colour throughout the house to make it appear like one ample space. Add dashes of colour through upholstery and purchase statement furniture pieces to individualise each space as per your family’s taste.

Wall it up

Along with adding aesthetic value to your home, walls can play a vital role as you try to make the most of the space available in your home. While planning the kitchen and bedroom, think of shelves, lofts and storage areas that are from the ceiling to floor. Having such space will give you additional storage space, which is beneficial in the long run. With the number of options of laminates and ply in the market, this can be done in a visually pleasing way to enhance the beauty of your home. Wall mounting furniture and electronics can also help in utilising space better.

Think out of the box

A little bit of creative thinking can go a long way while planning a home. Make use of traditional furniture pieces creatively to increase utility without compromising on the beauty of your home. For

example, old-school storage chest can also act as a table. Benches in hallways can provide additional storage. You can use a chest of drawers as sideboards in the dining area. Whether it is redefining the use of an old furniture piece or opting for something entirely new, countless options in the market can help you make your home smarter and more marvellous.

While you turn your 2 BHK into a home, start by looking at every corner and every wall as an opportunity to create something beautiful and defining. As you begin the next chapter of your life in your own home, create an attractive, haven for you and your family in this sophisticated space.

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